Currently…7th July


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Notting Hill – needed something I had seen hundred times before lol.
Austin Powers – Our Sidekick wasn’t 100% so spent most of Sunday curled up on the sofa watching TV.
Monty Python and The Meaning of Life – probably my least favourite of the Monty Python films but I think it was the one that Our Sidekick hadn’t seen.
Sense and Sensibility – again something I had watched too many times.

Let’s All Be Brave by Annie F. Downs – finished this at the weekend. I love how Annie’s writing style is like she’s hanging out with me and we’re chatting over coffee.
Church isn’t Cute by Kirsten Oliphant – this is an ebook for people who sign up to Kirsten’s blog updates. I was collecting books to have on my iPad to read while I’m in hospital. It just happens I’m starting this one before I get there (well Blueberry is nearly a week overdue now so it’s their fault hehe)

We’ve had UCB radio on most of the time at home or I’ve been bopping round to the recently added list on my phone. By the end of each day I can recite the news headlines lol.

I finished a knitted project for a Christmas present. Now tweaking and working on another one.

Fed up! Now 40+6 and going insane. Friday I spent a bunch of time in tears wrapped up in the duvet even though it was muggy outside. I even wrote a venty post which is unlike me.
With Our Sidekick being poorly on Sunday we stayed home from church, I obviously don’t want to see him in pain or sick but I was grateful as it meant I could stay home rather than just skiving church which had been one of my plans.

Not a lot lol. With baby supposed to be nearly a week old already making plans isn’t really happening. Anything that does go in the diary is prefaced with a “if baby hasn’t arrived let’s do……”

Actually I know what I’m planning. I was given an Amazon voucher as a present at my baby shower. The person who gave it to me wrote “I don’t know lots about babies but I know lots about books” which made me laugh. I might have to go book shopping later……from the comfort of my sofa and iPad. Yeah!

Baths! They are so good and relaxing, unfortunately I need more practice when it comes to a hot bath, warm bath or cold bath especially as I don’t seem to be able to tell the difference sometimes!


    • Hannah says:

      I haven’t been to the cinema in months. Most of the movies I’ve been watching has been at home. The best bit of our summer holiday is still to come but hopefully he or she will arrive soon.

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