And you thought 30GB was big

I think I got my first iPod about 5ish years ago it was a blue iPod Mini – it did what I needed it to do – held my music in one place and I could listen to it while sat in the common room at school.

iPod Mini

I think it was 4gb – did what I needed it to do.

I then decided it would be really cool if I could put videos on it to so I bought a second hand iPod Video from a well known auction site. It was great the guy who I bought it off had left his music collection on there and I managed to get round it so I could keep what I liked of his music collection as well as having my collection on there as well.

iPod Classic

Well a few people at the University of Glasgow have found that once Nanotechnology can be used we should be able to have 500,000GB on an iPod – even now my music collection reaches as most 5gb at a stretch. You can read the article here

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