So I was on my third home (after here and The Adventures of Kewey and Smithey) and wrote to one of my partners and realised that I had written her a stupidly long message about not alot.

Yesterday we had cell group and we’ve started Million Leaders Mandate so were talking about Leadership and our passions and I realised that I really don’t know what mine are. Mrs Mow Mow put me seriously on the spot and I had no idea how to answer.

What are my passions???

I mean I love hanging out with Lambkin and the Fabster but thats like a tiny bit of the stuff I do. I love craft stuff but I doubt I could do the craft bits as a job – yeh I know start and see what happens but I seem to have lost my inspiration – like God is pointing his finger and me going I am going to take this away from you so it stops distracting you. Well something like that anyway.

I’ve been trying to listen to more worship songs as I’ve been listening to Linkin Park and heavy stuff like that and it’s just got me really down and angry inside. I WANT HAPPY HANNAH BACK!!!!!! WHERE AM I?!?!??!?!?!??!??!

Those of you who know me I’m like a hyper bean – you make me laugh and i’m off – today I was skipping round the office and actually danced thorough the meeting room door when I missed the light switch (well not really danced I did a little pirouette in the door way before nearly falling over). I miss Uni.

I got a text from Kewey saying that she might not make it down to Bedford for my Birthday. AAAAARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! :p!

I’m trying not to get upset about it because that would be a waste of my energy and I am trying to find my happy inner self. (I sound like Abby off NCIS). I found my Hair: The Musical CD the other day so I put it on my iPod and realised how i just suck up song lyrics – i’ve not heard it in years and yet I still know the words!!

Right bed is calling and I need the loo before there is a puddle (talking about the loo and puddles – did anyone see CSI: New York this week – we need one of them toilets about half way across the car park – I always need the loo when i get to the car but I don’t need it when I am at work!!!!)

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