I have been so unhealthy today, I ate Polo’s for most of the morning and then had a bag of Aero Bubbles this afternoon. I supposed one good thing about today was that the sun was shining so me and Alison went for a walk round the park and sat on a park bench and ate our sandwiches while talking about family and stuff like that.

I went home via Mum’s because I needed to take some bits back to her and collect the trousers that she mended for me. I got home about half 6 and started tidying up as the living room has got like a small bomb site. Then Chris appeared telling me that I needed to cook my own tea – which as usual filled me slightly with dread. Unless I’m making cakes standing in front of the oven isn’t exactly my idea of fun.

By the time I decided to get on with it, it was half 7 and I was due to be at Caroline’s for 8 for our DVD night. We watched “Raising Helen“. Now I’m sat lounging on the sofa watching NCIS while waiting for Chris to come back from the pub. Lasagna RollsTuesday evenings is Elders and Deacons followed by a trip to the pub. I’m quite tempted to run over to the car for a can of coke rather than drinking squash. Except it’s 23:03 and coke would just keep me up for another few hours.

While I’m sat here waiting for Chris I was internet surfing and through SocialSpark found a site called the picture is the finished article of a recipe called Lasagna Rolls. Chris always whinges about my picking eating maybe I need to point this site out to him as there were a couple of nice looking recipes on it. Well Done Lisa!!!!!!

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