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BEDM 2015: Blog Every Day in May

Us @ 8

Hi Chris,

Eight years ago today we got married. I still tell the story of how I watched Flubber with my bridesmaids plus Hannah on the morning of the wedding. We don’t do stress as Mum said leading up to the wedding. 

At 8: 

  • We’re foster carers and parents. I certainly didn’t expect that when we got married. Okay hoped for the kids bit but didn’t expect it to ever come to us in the version that it did. Thank you for being an amazing daddy to Jaxon and an amazing foster carer/foster dad to Our Sidekick. I know he doesn’t always say it and doesn’t always pay enough attention to his surroundings but he does really appreciate what you do for him. Haha that’s Our Sidekick not Jaxon. 
  • Jaxon can’t say thank you yet but you can tell by his massive smile when he sees you that he’s grateful. As I write this you’re sat on the living room floor playing with Jaxon. 
  • I’m my own boss. Eek! You’ve always been the “Entrepreneur” out of the two of us. It was that spirit that got The Fountain off the ground in the first place. Now you’re running The Fountain under YMCA Bedfordshire and I’m running Daisy Media while caring for Jaxon.  
  • When we can we watch Elementary together, with the issues with the Internet we can’t watch it at the moment but we’ve been watching other things that we can find on Freeview. 
  • We watched the election results together – I tried to be excited as I know you wanted to watch it and also this time you’d got very excited about one of the parties, so although it didn’t entirely work I did try to support you with your excitement when I could! On occasion I did joke that if you planned on voting for one of the parties I would kick you out and make you sleep in the garden.
  • You still love going for walks and exploring. Still not always my cuppa but I do try and walk more now with Jaxon even if it involves parking further away from my destination or even walking from home (or back home). I have definitely noticed a difference in that I’ll happily walk to and from our house into town or bus one way and walk the other. 
  • You encourage me to beat my step count on my Fitbit most days and often laugh at me when I’m marching round the house trying to get my step count. My PB ever is 32,516 which was when we went to Blackpool last September for your birthday challenge. My PB so far in 2015 is 26,511, I achieved it back in March but I can’t remember what we were doing that say to make the numbers that high!  

Here’s to the next year, Happy Anniversary. 


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