BEDM2015: 20 Facts About Me…

BEDM 2015: Blog Every Day in May

20 Facts About Me…..

  1. I’m a Christian, I’ve attended three different churches. I regularly go back to one of my old churches on special occasions and the monthly coffee morning.  
  2. I have a degree in Performing Arts and Professional Practice. 
  3. 27 is kind of my favourite number although I did have to think about that as I don’t think is actually have a favourite number…
  4. My favourite colour is dark green. Think moss/racing green.
  5. One of my majors in my first driving test was completely messing up my bay park. Funnily enough I pretty much always park nose first rather than risk it. 
  6. Big Brother started this week. I watched the launch episode to see what the point of the “TimeBomb” idea is but I’m fed up already (that’s less than 40 minutes into the episode….) The first couple of years I watched it every day! I think the last time I watched all the episodes was when Cameron won. 
  7. I became a foster parent before I became a biological parent. 
  8. I love colour. Whether it’s my very odd socks or my pen collection. I hope to dye my hair a wacky colour soon just debating what colour and when. 
  9. On that note I bought myself a colouring book and was given another this week. I love colouring but I suck at drawing! 
  10. I love listening to podcasts. Part of me wants to record my own. I just have no idea what to talk about and where to start.. Currently listening to Create If Writing by Kirsten Oliphant. 
  11. I watch way too much TV. For example today I watched an episode of The Mysteries of Laura and two episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. (Finally watched *that* recent episode even when my Mum told me not to watch it after getting on my soapbox oops!) 
  12. I also like vlogs, again want to do it but don’t exactly know where to start. I did try in the past but that was it. 
  13. To a certain degree I am ambidextrous. I can just about write left handed although it’s still not entirety legible. I eat with my cutlery the “wrong” way round. 
  14. I love musicals and the theatre. I tried to tally up and was getting stuck. The Lion King (2x), We Will Rock You (2x), Cats, Rent, Les Miserables (West End), Les Miserables (School Production), Grease (2x School Production), Riverdance: The New Show, Oklahoma (most of the show, I was actually there as a chaperone for a friend of mine), and Fame. 
  15. Following on from that I’m a Shakespeare nerd. I’ve been in a couple of productions either of Shakespeare plays or based on his works. 
  16. I love music but have been to very few gigs. My first concert was Phatfish at Revive@Soul Survivor (either the summer or two summers before I would see Statis Quo for the first time) and I have some great memories from those concerts but I think my favourite would have to be either KT Tunstall at Cambridge Junction or Cerys Matthews at The Stables. At the Cerys concert, I was right in the middle on the front row and due to the layout/size of theatre it was a seated concert so it was almost like Cerys and I were just hanging out. 
  17. I love crocheting and knitting. I’m currently crocheting a jumper for Jaxon. I’ve been asked to run a workshop at a community day in a couple of weeks too. What to do what to do?? 
  18. I am a book worm although since Jaxon has been born I haven’t read as much. According to my Goodreads account I have something like 22 books on the go…
  19. I’ve been on Twitter 8 years! (Discovered that this evening while listening to a podcast) my first tweet was “Watching King of Kings with my Mum and Dad – about to go get some fairtrade cookies out of the cupboard” yep that exciting lol. 
  20. My best friend is also called Hannah, she blogs, she crochets and she’s musical. Now go read her blog

I’d love to know 20 facts about you. If you write your list please tweet me the link or put it in the comments. 

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