Let Your Blog Shine: May 13 – What Makes You Feel Beautiful? (BEDM2015)

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What Makes You Feel Beautiful?

Although I’m listening to a podcast this title is making me sing One Direction in my head. Oh dear! 

So what makes me feel beautiful…..having clean hair and not being covered in dribble seems to be a good start. 

I’m not the kind of person who spends ages doing their make up each day. I might put on a little bit of eyeliner or mascara when I go out in the evening but even then I don’t make a massive fuss. 

On Sunday I went to a concert with some friends and put a dress on but I couldn’t find my smart shoes so ended up wearing my semi-smart tartan dress over my scruffy jeans lol. Some how it sort of worked in a grungy punky way. I got as far as putting on eyeliner and tying my freshly washed hair in a messy bun before going out. 

I felt like I made an effort but when Our Sidekick told me I looked nice it made the difference. But I don’t think I felt beautiful.

So when do I feel beautiful…..well I’m not actually sure I do. Okay so this isn’t supposed to be pity post but hear me out. 

I’m still overweight. It’s only fractionally given how much it used to be but it’s still there. I’m about half a stone (7lbs) to my target which puts me toward the top end of the normal bracket. I’ve started C25K this week and I’m hoping it might help to shed the extra pounds and help me to maintain once I’ve got to target. In my normal day to day clothes I always feel scruffy like I just fell out of bed and pulled on my jeans and a (relatively) clean shirt. If I do get dressed up I sometimes feel really silly and not me. Maybe I am used to be a scruff bag lol. 

So what makes me feel beautiful? Clean hair, clean shirt and a new pair of non-ripped jeans lol. 

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  1. Hannah says:

    Ok Hannah, I know this is a post about what makes YOU feel beautiful but I need to write something here… a bit of a rant but in a good way and I NEED to say it to your readers. Firstly, I have known Hannah for a long time! Yes, she wears ripped jeans, the odd crumpled shirt, creates her own style and throws her hair into a quick easy bun but that is what is on the OUTSIDE! On the inside there’s a sensitive, loving, kookie, young (i mean youthful, not immature), clean and kind heart…. what is more beautiful that someone with a kind heart? Hannah has more love in her than you would imagine! Hannah, you are beautiful in your own way, I really hope that one day you will see it and feel it and NO, I am not saying this to pitty you! I might be typing through half shut eyes and I might have a squished up brain but it works and I know you and I have not forgotten all of the amazing, kind, wonderful things that you did while we were at uni, or the things that we’ve done since! “TRUE BEAUTY COMES FROM WITHIN” <3 x PS, you're so gonna smash that 7lbs mrs! x

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