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BedsHour Tweetup

On a Monday evening between 8:30 and 9:30pm there’s a Twitter Chat called #BedsHour. Tonight was our tweetup. We met at The Pavilion in Bedford Park. I often go to The Pavilion now for Lemon and Ginger but hadn’t ever been for a meal. On arrival at the Tweetup we were given a name badge to add our Twitter Handles to so that we could put a face to the Twitter handle so to speak! It was good to have met some of the people there before so I didn’t quite feel like I was walking into a room of strangers.

Around 7:30 we all took our seats – they weren’t assigned but at the end of our main course we were instructed to switch chairs and sit with different people. (In this picture my chair is empty but has my navy jacket on the chair). I was sat with Claire from Addison Accounts, Kate from YouCanBook.Me, Tabitha and Paul from Tabitha Mary. We talked lots about how welcoming Bedford is and how we love independent traders like Rogan’s Books and Épanoui.


On the menu at the Tweetup we had gourmet burgers. There were various toppings you could have. I choose cheese and bacon. It was so yummy. When my plate arrived I was like “oh five chips that’s not many” but by the time I’d got through my burger I’m quite glad I didn’t have more than five chips lol.

Following our burgers, we played musical chairs and changes seats. I moved to sit with Paul from White Label Dev, Sarah from Sarah’s Doo Wop Dos and a couple of other people – really the conversation should have started with us all saying our names but I think we were all too busy to get started.


At the main course, I was sat with Tabitha and Paul from Tabitha Mary. We were talking about what we did for work and Paul got talking about Tabitha’s art work. Unfortunately they are out of our budget for this Christmas but I absolutely love these Christmas cards. It did cross my mind about ordering and sending to PenPals outside the UK. Might still have to do that if she has some in stock. I also love this print of the Suspension Bridge especially with all the wintery effects. Christmas_Cards_Group_2_copy The_Embankment_Christmas_V2_copy

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