My Inlaws – Christmas Visit

Those of you who know me in the flesh know that I don’t really get on with a certain part of my inlaws. I was a little tense about today’s visit but I was up for being civil after all its Christmas.

It took me a few attempts to leave the flat as I kept remembering something we needed to take for example my MIL’s birthday present. It was her birthday back in October and I’m still getting used to remembering all these extra birthdays I’ve gained since marryIng CJ.

We loaded the car and set off. CU was being a pain and decided that he had to drive. I usually drive as the whole being a passenger thing annoys me somewhat. (as explained in my earlie post).

We arrived at the in laws an my SIL decided she needed to tell me like a million things in my first few minutes of being there. I was a little annoyed but again digging deep and being the bigger person literally.

We played with the dog that they were sitting for the day. My MIL then took me for a guided tour of the zoo (aka the back garden!) there are now 7ish rabbits and two guinea pigs in the garden there is also three gerbils some snails and the dog in the house.

(I would continue to write but I am writing this in the past tense at 3:35am Monday and really need to attempt some sleep.)

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