Catalyst Festival 2016 – Day 4

CatalystI started this post when we we’re away. It was too gloomy in our tent to crochet, read or journal so I used my phone to get some thoughts down. We’ve back a month not and I’ve finally finished it!


This morning started with “Daddy Crazy Time”. It’s generally better when that happens in the morning rather than just before bed when I’m getting Jaxon calmed down. I got out far enought to get Jaxon but pretty much wiggled across the floor like a giant worm lol. Jaxon had been wearing my big wellie socks to keep his feet warm at night.

Daddy Crazy Time!! Jaxon's Fab Socks

With the forecast set to turn really wet, we started packing down before breakfast then while we finished a couple of the team got the side of the marquee up so tht it would give more shelter when it did rain. We went to the morning service andhad planned to take Jaxon to The Snug again but the disrupted sleep and things like that meant that he was really tired. He gave up right omn the floor in front of me and fell asleep which is virtually unheard of. I moved him so he was in my arms and all snuggled up. He was wearing his Grandma knitted cardigan and I think that helped to keep him snuggled. It was getting towards the end of the service so I got Jaxon into my arms to carry him back to the tent but as we got outside he had woken up! Really? I should have taken the carrier with me – he might have been more snuggled in then and might have stayed asleep.

Because of packing our tent away in the morning while it was still dry we didn’t have anywhere to do nappy changes etc but one of the other Mums let us use her tent which was cool. We got as much as we could packed down and packed one of the storage boxes as sort of a standby box for us.

We stayed around for the evening meeting and following the worship when we would have taken Jaxon back to the tent to put him to bed we headed to the car to head home. We had been sitting in the very back row along the back of the hall each evening and it turned out that this evening we ended up next to the same lady that we had sat next to the last couple of evenings. I said to her that I hoped she had a safe journey home, at which point she grabbed me and gave me a word of prophesy which was a little crazy and sort of played on my mind on the way home.