Journal with Me {One}

I often watch Journal with Me videos (usually as a break from Thomas and sometimes because I just want to be inspired) – I love seeing what other people do in their journals and what techniques that they use. My favourites are Ali Brown, Mrs Brimbles and Geraldine Jayne.

Having figured out how to film POV videos I decided to give it a go and go for it properly once Jaxon was in bed one evening last week. Our Sidekick was super lovely while I was filming – he kept creeping around and quietly whispering to me, I said that I was going to speed it up and add music etc so it was okay to talk and yet he was still being super quiet in the background. At one point he brings me a drink and very very carefully tip toes his way around the room and leaves the drink for me when I’m finished – what a super star!

Take a look and let me know what you think.


  1. SC says:

    So cool!! I don’t do creative journaling like that but I might have to incorporate some into my journal

    • Hannah says:

      It’s a Pentel Aquabrush. You just fill it with water and then it works quite well on the move. I do find though that I still need a jar of water if I’m using lots of different colours but it does work well on the move if I’m just on one colour.

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