What is a Temperature Blanket? 

While away this last weekend I think I answered like 5 or maybe 10 times about what I was making, was it crochet or knitting and what was I going to do with it. 
I thought while all the answers are freshly in my mind I would scribble some thoughts down and share them.

So currently having completed my latest two baby blankets, I now have two big projects on the go. One is my Elmer blanket which started as part of The 100 Days Project and then didn’t get out of week one. I’ll be back with that on another post (the challenge is now to pretty much crochet two squares a day to get that one completed on time so will put my energy into crocheting that one and blog about it later!

So the temperature blanket of craziness. This is one of those ones that could yet become a Pinterest Fail.

I kept seeing pictures of these amazing blankets and temperature scales with different wool next to them and decided I could do that for 2016. I decided I would do squares and because ultimately I didn’t want to spend a fortune on wool when I have a lot of unused wool I would try and keep the colours to a minimum. I drew up my scale, bought the wool and got started. This is my scale.

I decided to do squares rather than rows. I’m not sure what happens with my rows but I can’t always get the ends to meet up properly so they end up wonky in places and not straight.

When we left for Catalyst, I was up to the middle of April. Almost a month and a half (42 squares ish) behind and four days of sitting in a field around seminars and meetings mean that I could probably catch up. There is mobile access (so basic internet) and it turned out a power source for charging but other than that Internet and aren’t readily available lol.

So each square corresponds to a date so far in 2016. Each month is split into two rows. There’s however many days in the month plus “blank” squares to make it up to 32. This makes the blanket 24 rows by 16 columns, measurement wise this is about 240x160cm. This is about the size of a double bed. (if I have the sanity remaining at the end I might do borders to make it up to an actual double bed size). I use the historical data on Wunderground. This comes from the weather station at Cranfield. It was suggested while I was away that I find the local station to the campsite and add that in instead. I do like the idea but I don’t think it’s enough of a visible difference. I might check though just in case there is a difference at all.

I worked out that one square takes me about 15 minutes if I focus in on it and get it done. This isn’t always so easy with Jaxon running around as I have to check on him but in the evenings when he’s in bed I can get a bunch done. This means that hopefully I can catch up some more before I fall even further behind!

I completed 3 squares yesterday evening following the main meeting and as I’m running out of blank pages in my TN I think I’ll focus on crocheting today rather than journaling.

I sat down in the social tent following the morning meeting today and counted out the squares that I had made and found that I’d actually made a couple extra that I didn’t need so far. It means I’m about half way through May now which is good and just need to get crocheting the squares together when I’m back in Bedford.

During Eurovision two weeks ago, I worked on sewing in lots of ends rather than making more squares. Glad I did it now and not right at the end!