Mustela Product Review

Although I’ve been a foster Mum for almost three years, the products we need in the house for Our Sidekick are obviously very different to those that we need for Jaxon. We’ve found that for Our Sidekick we have to make sure that we there’s always washing powder or tablets and stain remover like Vanish in the house at all times for ink. grass or mud stains, given that he seems to be a bit of a magnet for dirt lol. (Typical boy I guess!) We use Oxy-something from Aldi as it’s just as good as Vanish without the price tag!

When it comes to Jaxon we’ve discovered that Mamia nappies from Aldi are better for us than our other local supermarket own brand. In fact we found that the newborn nappies from Pampers actually leaked more frequently that the Aldi ones – which usually only leaked when overloaded! (And I’ve been told by friends with older children that they’ve found this too). We also found that wet cotton wool doesn’t work on those earlier baby nappies and actually it’s worth buying the special newborn baby wipes as they are specially formulated to deal with those super sticky first day nappies lol. Sudocrem is also one of those amazing things that work wonders. I was sent the 123 Vitamin Barrier Cream to try and found that it worked at an equivalent level to Sudocrem, the best thing about it in comparison is that over 90% of it’s ingredients come from natural origins (when you read the list of ingredients on the Sudocrem pot there are a lot of chemical names in there!)

Mustela Nursing Comfort Balm

Then it comes to me, I was fortunate in that although breastfeeding hurt a little bit when Jaxon first latched on, I’ve not needed any cream or balm until the last week or so. Before I delivered Jaxon I received a package containing various creams and products from Mustela. One of the creams was the Nursing Comfort Balm. It’s specially formulated for nipples which can be super sore and sensitive while you’re breastfeeding. I have a thing about creams that make my skin feel greasy. (This is why Chris usually ends up attacking me with suncream rather than me doing it myself although I am capable). So sometimes I try to avoid using creams so that I don’t have that greasy feeling, however this cream doesn’t have that greasy feeling but still works wonders. There are various ingredients in the balm but again like the barrier cream the balm contains a heap of natural ingredients including “avocado peptides” which help to soothe the itchiness and pain that there might be, then Shea Butter that leaves the skin more supple and resistant to the attacking its coming against. It has a hypoallergenic formula which means it’s safe for mum and for baby.

I had a look for where I could purchase the cream from, I haven’t been able to find it in the local supermarket and currently Mustela do not have a UK commerce bit to their website but was able to find it on The Garden. I guess if you’ve got the time for the cream to arrive it’s fine but if you need it RIGHT NOW(!!) then waiting for a delivery might not work. If you’re anything like me you want to have the protection or the relief but not at a breaking the bank kind of price. It’s a fraction of the price when you compare against Lanisoh Lanolin cream which seems to be the closest alternative that I’ve found. (From The Garden you do need to pay postage but even then it’s still cheaper than the listing on Amazon UK at the moment).

This is a sponsored post. I was sent some samples from Mustela to review. I chose to focus on the Nursing Comfort Balm and 123 Barrier Cream.

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