Currently…20th April


Each Monday I start with a sum up of what’s currently happening around these parts – especially when some weeks seem to fly by quicker than others!

Grimm – It’s okay but is a bit dark and twisty to be watching in the evenings.
Orphan Black – this was another random Netflix find. It’s sort of a bit dark and twisty but it’s a BBC production so you know it’s not going to like HBO level dark and twisty lol. It’s also a thriller so you get to the end of the episode and you’re sort of desperate to know what happens next. I’m already on episode 9!
Critical – It’s another medical drama on the list – it’s pretty good, it focuses on the golden hour and pretty much just on that patient rather than on the relationships and things like that around
Once Upon A Time – I guess this is dark and twisty in a way too but at least it’s fairy tale dark and twisty so doesn’t seem to be OTT.

I’ve not really got much reading done this week. I’ve been juggling all sorts and by the time I’ve got to bed I’m either so shattered that I just close my eyes and sleep or I’m writing a to do list for the next day to try and stop the list whirring round in my head. When I try and read an actual paperback while feeding Jaxon he gets distracted by me fidgeting to page turn. I think I will have to make sure I have charge in my phone so that I can read Kindle or iBooks. Any ideas other than that to calm down before bed?

Wondering how I get myself organised. I keep writing to do lists but don’t always get through them. I guess I need to be more focused but trying to get stuff done when Jaxon is around isn’t that easy. There’s a creche of sorts ran by one of the local churches on a Friday. I can leave Jaxon there and then work in the coffee shop that’s based in the church foyer for two hours ish. It might be less this week while he gets used to the group.

More crochet squares for a project that Mum and I are working on.

This week I’ve been working hard to eat on plan. Thursday was a mess and Friday was a bit of a mess too but when it came to dinner on Friday evening I was determined to fix it, Friday has become “Friday Fajita Night” in our house. We get the premix frozen stuff from the supermarket and then pimp it by adding more vegetables and fajita wraps. In the past we’ve had cheesy nachos with salsa and an attempt at guacamole but this week I wasn’t able to get to the supermarket for the extra bits. The fajita mix it’s self is like 5 syns for half the bag – well we split it between 3 of us so it was closer to 3 syns. Given how bad Friday had been up to that point I decided to give the majority to the boys and go from there. I chucked on some pasta (instead of the wraps) and a plain chicken breast to have with a tiny amount of the fajita mix to give it flavour. It was a bit annoying that I couldn’t have the full on fajita effect but I felt more like I’d achieved something when I finished my dinner. I tried to stick to plan again this weekend – some of it was easier than other times that’s for sure. We had Subway for lunch on Sunday after we’d been to the Bedfordshire Baby and Toddler Show and ran some errands. I had a salad bowl – it was okay but there was so much lettuce that I was a bit fed up by the end of it. I think I needed to mix it up or shake the bowl before taking the lid off. Our Sidekick then cooked dinner for us tonight and he managed to do a meal full of free food which made a massive difference to usual. We had SW chips, cauliflower and carrots along with a roasted chicken breast with a splodge of tomato puree on top to create a sort of sauce (Although it probably needed more of it).

Working On:
Getting the sort of back log cleared. The house was getting a bit messy but we managed to work on it, we’ve written a new chores plans – it means I spent a chunk of time on a Sunday doing chores but it cuts down what I have to do in the week along with the boys doing more of their share rather than me feeling like I do all the work. It also means we’ll be eating dinner up the table more instead of in front of the television.

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