Let Your Blog Shine: Five Favourite Quotes

April Blog Prompts

This week’s prompt is all about our five favourite quotes. I’m pretty sure that I could do more than five but we’ll start with those.

The first two aren’t exactly quotes but have stuck between me and Hannah (The Little Golden Daffodil). In our final year at university, Chris and I were also planning our wedding around studying and work.

My Mum had been on it from the beginning. Once Chris had proposed to me she had a list of all the things that we might need to consider, the idea being that we wouldn’t have any stress, we’d start well in advance so there was no stress. This became the little catch phrase that even today is still quoted.

Stress? We dont do stress

Another Hannah one coming up. On a particular occasion we were organising a night out with some of my non-uni friends. I think the question was to do with what to wear and the response was “Just be normal”. It was meant in a “be yourself” kind of way but it sprung this whole “define normal” conversation and ended up in this quote. For years I’d been told how I wasn’t normal and my comeback had become “define normal”.

Define Normal

Actually Hannah has this one on her list too. Not intentional I promise and I did think of changing it but ended up keeping it in the end.

Smile! It confuses people

Then two bible bits to finish with. Jeremiah 29v11 is a bit over quoted but it’s till relevant. God has a plan stopped trying to set your plan in solid rock because God will come with a shed load of TNT and blow it all up.

This Psalm verse was one of the first I learnt by heart and still remember now.

Psalm 124v8  Jeremiah 29v11


  1. Hannah says:

    Great minds think alike! – that’s another one right there hehe. I was going to put the stress one and the normal one too but I actually guessed that you might. Here’s one for ‘normal’ mum has it hung up in the kitchen. “The only thing that is ‘normal’ around here is the setting on the dryer” I quite like that lol. I might start each month with a quote or saying.

    What great memories these quotes have brought back! Thank you for sharing.xxx

    • Hannah says:

      I thought you might have posted those two as they are “our” quotes! I’m sure I must have seen that quote on the wall. Our washing machine literally goes from off back to it’s “normal” setting. It very rarely deviates other wise I don’t remember which one it should be on. On our old machine I got Chris to get a marker pen out and draw which was the standard setting so I didn’t forget. On Mum’s dryer there’s a sticky label from when she went to New Zealand – I even came over when she was away to make sure the boys had put the washing on!

  2. Britt says:

    I love the ‘Define Normal’ quote! Isn’t that the truth?! What is the world is normal? I love that you can associate moments with your quotes and with such a great friend!

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