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April Blog Prompts

I tend to avoid outfit posts on the pure basis that I never can manage to take a decent picture and usually if I do manage to take a picture it’s a really dodgy selfie! I keep joking that I could do with a selfie stick but then I’m in two minds of whether I’d actually use it or not. Anyway, today’s prompt is My Style. My Style

Since having Jaxon I’ve carried on living in my maternity jeans and trousers, mainly because they are comfy but also because I’m in between sizes and while they sort of still fit, it’s pointless going out and buying a new pair of jeans. My favourite jeans are wide flares, the kind that are that big they swallow your feet. When I was at university I had a pair of pink cords that were the best they had a really wide flare.

I’m usually teaming those jeans with a t-shirt of some description. I tend to go with plain shirts rather than ones with slogans but this one in the picture I really do like. I have a couple with silly pictures on them, my favourite was the Star Wars one I bought when I was in Disney. It had a cartoon version of Leia on it. I’ve had a quick look on the Disney Store but I’m pretty sure it can’t be purchased again so I can’t replace it.

Add in a hoodie too. I have a couple in various different colours but my two zip up jumpers that have thumb holes have to be my favourites. They are nice and warm fleece but still trendy. They both have big collars that do up round your face when it’s cold.

Footwear wise I live in trainers until it’s warm enough then I’ll be in flip flops for most of the summer part from when Chris might have me walking miles on holiday in which case back to the trainers in the safer bet! With those trainers I wear odd socks early every day and they are usually some form of whacky patterns, today I have mint green and yellow stripes on one foot and a turquoise green sock on the other foot!

Either way it’s not changed much from when I was a student, I guess I do dress up a bit smarter for meeting with clients or special occasions but that’s about it.


    • Hannah says:

      It’s all about the fun socks lol. Today I have little hearts that look like Space Invaders and yellow blue and white stripes on the other foot. Again jeans and a T-shirt – I had to steal Chris’s belt this morning because having issues with my jeans lol!

  1. Hannah says:

    My next door neighbours little boy has taken the whole mis-match sock thing to a new level. He wears odd football boots to training! I genuinely didn’t notice at first (one is luminous pink and the other luminous green – I think I need my eyes testing haha). It made me think of you! xx

    • Hannah says:

      I might be wrong but I think one of the sports brands released a pair that is mismatched. I’m sure I saw a footballer on a match Our Sidekick was watching who had mismatched boots and I made a comment to say that he needed the different colours so he knew which shoe went on which foot.

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