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Each Monday I start with a sum up of what’s currently happening around these parts – especially when some weeks seem to fly by quicker than others!

Chris and I caught up on the latest part of Humans, I’m not entirely keen on it as they Synthetics still give me the heebies but he seems to be enjoying it so I can put up with it – I think I sat and crocheted my way through it the other day while he watched. According to NowTV I’m up to Season Four of Switched at Birth but on the Wiki page I’m still on Season Three so that’s a bit confusing (Oh well I know where I’m up to and I’m about to run out of episodes!). Our Sidekick and I watched the Season finale of The Big Bang Theory and I shouted at the TV.

I finished reading More TV Vicar? by Bryony Taylor. I haven’t really got to reading anything new. I’ve found by the time I’ve got to bed this week I’ve struggled to keep my eyes open to read.

Have managed to do that thing where I get distracted mid project so I am working on the blue blanket while sat in bed for example then working on a second project downstairs around fighting Jaxon for my wool or trying to make sure he doesn’t climb the furniture or something like that.

Another bad weekend on the food front. I went out twice on Friday followed by the ladies meal on Saturday. Although they were all really lovely times and made memories, they really didn’t help my waistline.

Working On:
Determined to make sure July is more organised than June has been. We’re away for a little while so need to be organised and on track.

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  1. sayhellonature says:

    I am so behind on the Big Bang Theory! We canceled cable and moved to Netflix + Hulu which don’t have it. I need to catch up! I’m hoping July is more organized for me, too!

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