Currently…2nd February


Currently… image from rukristin

Pretty Little Liars (Season 4)
Death in Paradise (Series 2)

Mainly articles on the internet rather than books – I really want to get back into reading more books but I don’t seem to find the time. Even down time is spent tied reading things of a device rather than a paper book.

The Disney CD that I have in the car for Jaxon. If I don’t skip it back to the beginning in time after one of the Lion King songs it starts playing Fairytale of New York because I still have Christmas music in the car. I need to sort it out.

Still working on the Pavement Blanket. I have a line of granny squares forming along the back of the sofa, probably annoying the boys but I like the colour!

Still working on the business bits and it’s coming together. I worked on my website this week along with two meeting that I had with different people. One was really positive and a right laugh and the other one was more serious and a bit harder. Either way it’s coming together

The fact that I got time to myself on Saturday. Chris and the Boys went to London for the day with some friends – I was due to go with them but had already got plans to see a friend for dinner so instead the boys all went together and I got the time to myself. I spent most of the day with Pretty Little Liars playing on the TV while doing bits on the computer.

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