Review: Freida’s Feeding Food

Lovely bars from Frieda's Pantry

Since Jaxon arrived back in the summer I’ve looked at various recipes for Lactation Cookies and other homemade healthy snacks. Especially when I was first getting the hang of how much I needed to eat to make enough milk but not eating too much that I turned into a couch potato. On one particular occasion I had a salad bowl from the supermarket while we were out and about but poor Jaxon was super grumpy that evening because although the milk had filled him up because it wasn’t as full of calories as it might have been he got hungry quicker. I’ve found that sometimes lactation cookies have addition ingredients that I need to buy from the health foods store rather than the supermarket so they can turn out a little pricey. Then I found these…

A friend of mine posted on Facebook about this new product called Freida’s Feeding Food. Well I got in touch, we had a lovely chat and I was sent some bars to try. Well oh my they are lovely. They are the same size as a chocolate bar so you can chuck it in your changing bag and take it with you when you’re out and about. They taste a bit like aniseed which I love (Apparently that’s the fennel in the mixture which encourages lactation! Which is funny because I don’t think I liked fennel when it arrived in our veggie box and Chris cooked it for us).

From their website:
Freida’s Feeding Food is based on a recipe that has been used by women in the Eastern world for hundreds of years.

It is a tasty and nutritious food bar for breastfeeding mothers. Freida’s Feeding Food is rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 which are good fats for baby and you!

They can be purchased online at Freida’s Pantry. They come in four different size packs starting with 3 bars going up to 14 bars and when bought in “bulk” the price comes down.

The bars work out at about £1.20 each (£1.10 when bought in a larger quantity like 7 or 10 bars) – originally I thought that was a little more than I would pay for a cereal bar but having compared it against things like chocolate from the shop, a box of cereal bars or even just a giant cookie it’s a similar price and why wouldn’t I pay that on something that’s healthy and beneficial to me and Jaxon rather than something like a giant chocolate chip cookie that probably has over a days worth of Slimming World syns in it. it’s a little more than I would pay if I was grabbing a cereal bar in the supermarket for example but actually I bought a giant chocolate chip cookie from a stand in town today for £1 so why wouldn’t I pay that on something that’s healthy and beneficial to me and Jaxon. (After using the Syn calculator on the Slimming World website it has the equivalent of 9 syns in each bar, it is a lot on one item but when you think about the benefits and the fact that as a breastfeeding mum I’m encouraged to use all my syns each day, spending 9 on one bar isn’t that much).

Here’s the science bit…
They contain nuts and seeds in the recipe which contain things called galactalogues, which is a food or substance that may help induce lactation. (One of those technical terms that I’m not actually all that sure how to pronounce) They can also be helpful for mums who are expressing/pumping for their baby rather than breastfeeding directly. Galactalogues are most effective if mum is maintaining frequent breast stimulation and has a healthy balanced diet.

Freida's Feeding Food

This is a sponsored post. In return for the review I received 2 packs of 7 bars. The opinions are mine and all images minus the product image above this are my own.  


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