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Over on Facebook I’m part of a blogging group. On the Wednesdays of each month we have a group prompt that we’re all going to answer. This weeks’ prompt is…

Ten Things I Believe

I believe in God. I believe that God created the world and all of us whether we chose him or not. I believe that God sent Jesus to die on the cross at Calvary to save us from our sins but also that he rose again on the third day to sit at God’s side. Although my faith plays a big part in my life I don’t seem to write about it enough or usually start the post with some kind of apology. A fellow member of the LYBS group regularly writes about her faith and her quiet time reading her bible and praying and it’s inspired me to stop apologising and get on with it.

I believe in the goodness of people. We live in a broken world where we would rather complain about our situation or those around us rather than appreciating what we have or building those people up. At church this weekend we heard about a project in Ghana supporting a community there. Unfortunately around March sort of time just before the harvest comes in, the number of children sold into trafficking goes up because the families just can’t afford to look after their kids – heartbreaking! But I believe the goodness of people can make a difference and make a change both here and away.

I believe in sticking your music on and dancing out the stresses (think Grey’s Anatomy!). Just stick on the music and dance, dance away what ever is stressing you out. I promise you’ll feel a better!

I believe a balanced diet can be a bar of chocolate in each hand. Then again now I’m on Slimming World as long as you have enough syns in the day and you have a handful of free food first then you can spend those syns on a bar of chocolate in the other hand!

I believe in hugs! Happy hugs and sad hugs, they are all needed. The best ones are free hugs. At Soul Survivor they used to have “Hug A Steward” at one of the last meetings as a thank you for all the work they do in the Big Top each year. I think it got banned in the end as it was getting too violent (not like horrible violent but the pile ons were causing injuries rather than sharing love like they were supposed to).

I believe that when Jaxon is a grown up he’ll probably be as crazy and adventurous as his Daddy. Yes it’s terrifies me as I’d rather curl up with a book and read than go abseiling or rock climbing but I am determined to suck it up and join in the crazy if that’s what Jaxon wants to do.

I believe that a handwritten penpal letter is the best kind of sunshine on any day. Even with the advances in technology and how easy it is to send a text message or an email, I would still love to receive a handwritten (or typed) letter in the mail (or hand delivered that works too!).

I believe that  we are blessed to have Our Sidekick in our lives. Lots of people tell us how great we have done to give him what we have but part of me thinks we are blessed to have him. Most of the time he’s lovely and polite and a joy to be around – okay he has his teenage stroppy moments but that’s once in a while usually when HALT is going on as well as the situation we might be disagreeing over.

I believe in helping other people when I can. In the last two years ish since I’ve learnt to crochet I’ve taught a bunch of people to crochet. I’ve also taught knitting to someone recently and starting next week we’re going to have a Knit and Natter session at the YMCA Fountain in town. I’m really excited that I can share my passion with other people.

I believe in sharing knowledge like a skills swap. Okay so I know how to knit but I don’t know how to make a pumpkin pie. But maybe you know how to make the pie, so you could make me the pie and in return I knit a scarf for a Christmas present or something like that.


    • Hannah says:

      Hugs are the best! Hugs from my Dad make me feel like I can take on the world and achieve whatever I set my mind to. Our Sidekick is just over 6 foot tall so his hugs are like protective, shield hugs (I’m 5ft 3!).

  1. Britt says:

    This is so great! I loved reading your post and learning all the things you believe! Wish we lived closer so we could ‘dance it out’ together. I do this a lot when I am stressed, gotta love Grey’s Anatomy!

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