DAY 17: Holiday!

Today was a little nuts. I misread the clock and ended up leaving the flat a little later than I should have. I think I left about 5 minutes late but it made all the difference – luckily as I spent my lunch break sat at my desk I made up the 5 minutes I missed first thing in the morning. This morning we then had a meeting so that we could organise who was doing what while my manager was on holiday – I get the point in planning on who’s going to do what but it only works really if everyone sticks to their part – just like an orchestra – not everyone can play the solo some have to play the accompanying parts.

I seemed to spend most of the afternoon jumping from one think to the next – even when I did the labels I had to put the phones on night service just to be able to get to the warehouse and back. It has been pretty busy all week and I knew it would be busy because of Easter and then busy because my manager was away but I didn’t realise quite how busy.

I finished work at 5 and headed into town. For the first time in a while I took the bus into town. I can see why so many people refuse to use public transport. For me to get from work to the bus station it was £1.50! That a rip off lol. It’s no surprise that people would rather drive into town – for me to park in town it’s about £1.10 so it makes sense to drive if I can. Seeing as the car is broken the bus or walking are my main options.

CJ completed his dissertation today so we spent the evening printing and binding it. It was a little daunting binding CJ‘s dissertation in case it went wrong or I ripped the pages or something!

On the way and it was a little tense – Me and CJ had a falling out seeing as we were both tired and he was in a mood about stuff.

Anyhoo, all was sorted in the end.

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