DAY 18: All Sorts of Stuff

Today me and my Mum got started on the packing reading to move house. It took about four hours to get the packing done which was good but I seriously had like a feeling of nostalgia. How is it that I want to look to the future and move to our own house but I still feel meh about moving.

Anyhoo! This afternoon I spent a lot of time making various different cards for different people. I had a video chat with my cousin and his girlfriend which was really funny especially as my cousin’s phone kept going off so he kept leaving the video call to answer his mobile.

I am really excited about my “email interview” with Elle @ Pipe Dreams and Professions. She’s recently mailed off her new book and I’ve been given permission to interview her about it – so look out for the article/post in the next few days hopefully.

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