Exploring Denmark: Roskilde by Train
Exploring Denmark

While Jaxon has been at school and Chris has been at work, Rex and I have been exploring Copenhagen a bit more. Whether it’s going to Wild Kiwi Pies for Lamingtons and Tim Tams or exploring yarn stores around the city. But now it’s time to take an adventure further afield. Rex and I set out for Roskilde by train.

When Chris was exploring the area around our Copenhagen apartment, he found that we were really close to the Hobbii Head Office. Annoyingly for me (but helpful for him?), their orders are despatched from elsewhere and their nearest shop is in Roskilde. Once I’d worked out that I could get to Roskilde on my Rejsekort (similar to Oyster but miles better for sure!) it was just a case of actually plucking up the courage to leave the city and explore that bit further.

It’s around a 30km trip and by train, it’s about an hour. This includes the walk to the bus stop and then the bus to Nørreport station.

Back in November, Rex and I set out on an adventure.

Once we found the right platform, I was a little confused as my train would be continuing onto another destination so I had to wait for the whole list of stations to come up on the display before I knew if I was waiting for the right train. When I got onto the train, the conductor actually did ask where I was going because I looked that puzzled! He was really helpful and offered to come back and help me off the train again with the buggy if needed when we got to Roskilde.

Outside the station, there are these 3 jars. I googled “The Roskilde Jars” thinking this was a silly name and nothing would come up but apparently, it makes total sense as this is their nickname! In Danish, they are called “Roskildekrukkerne” (The Roskilde Pots). They were presented to the city in 1998 as part of the city’s 1000th anniversary.

The walk from the station to the Hobbii store was fairly easy and a large proportion of it was the High Street kind of area of Roskilde. A lot of the buildings reminded me of Silver Street/Midland Road area in Bedford where a lot of the shops are in Bedford Town Centre.

After only having a handful of choices for projects. I was surprised by how many choices there were in the Hobbii store. It was good to be able to have a proper squish of the yarn and see what I thought of it.

I found the Amigo range a good match for Stylecraft as far as feel while it was round in the ball. I’ll have to update this once I’ve made something with it. The standard Amigo range (Light) is a good match for DK, Amigo XL is then Aran weight with the Amigo Chunky is Chunky. There’s then the Giga which is classed as Super Chunky and takes 9mm needles and is 9 stitches/13 rows to a 4 inches/10-centimetre tension square. (Might be good for a snuggly hygge blanket for the sofa maybe?). (This isn’t a sponsored post but Hobbii if you need someone give me a call!)

I could have probably spent ages in the shop looking at all the different choices. I restrained myself with my purchases and really tried to purchase only what I’d already planned for.

One of the projects I wanted to try was The Joy Cowl from The Pigeon’s Nest. This usually calls for Stylecraft Special but apart from paying customs from the UK I’m not sure how to get hold of this yet – there are some stockists in the Netherlands so maybe I try that). So far I like the Wolplein website – so easy to navigate!

Once we’d finished at the shop we headed back towards the train station. It was nearly lunchtime so we grabbed some snacks from the supermarket. Once I managed to find our way back to the platforms, we jumped on the train and I realised as the train pulled out the station that I was probably going to have to stand all the way back because I was in the wrong place – I was also right next to the Quiet Carriage!

When I realised that the train stopped at Valby on its way into the Central Station, I decided we’d get off there and go to Wild Kiwi Pies. They stock Lamingtons and Tim Tams and I’d been discussing Tim Tams with one of my new friends so I grabbed her a packet as a little present. I was then going to get on the bus but couldn’t find the right route. Instead, we headed back to the station and jumped on the next Metro train to Nørreport to head homewards.

It was a lovely trip out – I’m sure it would have been better if Rex had napped when he was supposed to as well as it not raining but it was still a fun adventure to explore a bit further afield.


On both the way there and way back there are alternative routes that might work. It is an option to cycle or take the M3 to Nørreport before changing for the train if you prefer. Cycling wouldn’t work for us this time. The Metro is another option with the buggy however it does involve a bit of a detour around the city as the M3 is the Cityringen (or City Ring). The M3 Cityringen opened in 2019 after our first visit to Copenhagen. It’s very much like the Circle Line in London and makes cross-city travel that bit easier. You can read about it here.