Five Yarn Stores in Copenhagen to Visit
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Some people move to a new place and look for the best coffee shop or the restaurant with the best fries. For me, it was finding the local yarn stores. I’d found a couple in my previous visit but always thought that it was expensive or not what I was looking for. (Copenhagen 2019, Copenhagen 2020, Blogtober Day 9) Having explored a little more I’ve realised that I was just in the wrong places or just needed a better idea of the conversion rate from DKK to GBP rather than guesstimating it! Here are five yarn stores in Copenhagen to visit.

I thought I’d share the ones I’ve found and I’ve been told about some others too so I might be back with five more stores to visit if I get that many!


Jagtvej 183, 2100, Copenhagen (Website)

Woolstock is based right next door to one of Jaxon’s favourite playgrounds which means I might be able to trade a trip to Trafiklegepladsen (Children’s Traffic Playground) after I’ve been yarn shopping (or maybe the other way around if I ask him). There’s a lovely little coffee shop as part of the shop too so you can have a browse and then have a cake and a cup of coffee.

Nicoline Garn

Fyensgade 1, 2200 Copenhagen N (Website)

Nicoline Garn was my first stop when it came to finding yarn for the Shawlography MKAL. We’d cycled past a couple of times and I had visited before so I knew it was going to be a good place to go and have a look for yarn. I stood in the shop and had a wobble. I wanted 4 Ply yarn as per the pattern and it wasn’t entirely clear what I was looking at. Thankfully the lady behind the counter was super helpful, especially when I tried to explain what I was looking for – thankfully when I said what it was for it happened that she’d already helped someone the day before with their Shawlography yarn choices so she was able to direct me that bit easier lol. The colours I chose were quite as bright and crazy as I think I wanted them to be but as the shawl has come together I’m glad it wasn’t too crazy! (I’m tempted to do a second one with a better range of choices now I know what it would look like when it’s finished – or in progress!). There’s a range of yarns both weight wise and base wise. There’s a wide range of colours too! The staff were lovely and helpful and when I went back to “top up” my Shawlography yarns, the same lady was really lovely again and was so excited when I showed her my “in progress” shawl.

Uldstedet Knitting

Vendersgade 3, 1363 København (Website)

When I started writing this post, I hadn’t actually been to this one. I’d stood outside with my Canadian friend but the shop isn’t really buggy-friendly so on that occasion, I gave it a miss. But while my parents visited over New Year, my Mum and I popped by while my Dad took Rex for a walk nearby. The ladies we spoke to were lovely and friendly and really helpful. I bought some sock yarn – I’m determined that in 2022 I will start and finish a pair of socks properly!

Tante Grøn CPH

Christian Winthers Vej 2, DK-1860 Frederiksberg (Website)

Another shop with lovely people. I popped in after my trip to Knitting for Olive in the hope they could help with my knitting dilemma. I spoke to Susanne who is the owner and co-founder, she was super lovely and said that she didn’t have any in that size in stock at the moment. Then said that she was due a delivery later that day and if I wanted to come back she should have one. In the end, I went back a few days later and she was able to help me. On both visits, I didn’t really stop for long but I’m sure I will go back again.

When Mum was here, we visited this store together. I had said that the lady was lovely and I’m sure Mum would like it too. When Mum asked for some help, the lady again was so lovely. We had a whole discussion about independent yarn dyers here in Denmark and back in the UK. We talked about yarn from Fyberspates and how lovely it is. We also talked about how you can’t really directly translate knitting patterns from Danish to English as it’s not a straightforward job. As we left the store, my Mum said to me “Oh she’s so lovely! She’s the kind of person you’d detour to especially just to give her your business” (Yes Mum you are totally correct!)

Knitting for Olive

Godthåbsvej 55, 2000 Frederiksberg (Website)

I had found Knitting for Olive on Google Maps and hoped that they would be able to help with my knitting needle dilemma. When I got there the lady seemed quite surprised that I was looking for such a “big” needle size (3.5mm) and I felt a little unwelcome. I’m not sure if it was just that I was kind of flustered from the cycling across the city or whether I had just caught her on a bad day. I don’t think my request was particularly out of the ordinary but looking around the shop, I think they mostly sold Merino or Cashmere that you knit on tiny needles. The shop is very minimalist and had 3-4 shelves along the wall with a handful of skeins/balls of yarn in each colourway. (No everyday acrylic here!)

I felt like I should have dressed up for the occasion or something like that… Mum and I have a friend who knits the most amazing projects with gorgeous yarns and we have a scale of what we make to what our friend makes… well this shop was definitely our friend’s kind of shop for sure!


    • Hannah says:

      Do if you have the chance! If you do start planning a trip, let me know and I’ll send you some info of places to go and explore around the city.

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