Yesterday evening, my Grandma passed away. She’d been unconscious and on oxygen for most of the day – from what my Dad said she wasn’t in any pain.

Thank you to everyone who has been posting comments today and yesterday evening. Thank you to the people on Twitter and Facebook too who have been sending lots of messages.

I’m supposed to be going to band practice in a couple of hours but I’m really struggling to hold a consistent thought. Maybe staying home would be a better option. I’ve been trying to tidy the spare room for about 45 minutes but I seem to do a few bits and then get sidetracked or decide to really thorough on one bit and then just not bother with another. I know that Kewey will understand but it feels a little like therapy just to focus on something for longer than a few minutes.

This morning I went to my Aunt’s house to drop off some bits and see how Cousin M and Cousin D were doing. They seem as ok as can be – a bit like me. Cousin D was working from home today which was good I think they all needed each other today.

Anyhoo I spoke to my Cousin K a little earlier and she was at Dundee train station waiting for the train to arrive for her to get from there to Edinburgh and then from Edinburgh to Peterborough. She said she ran out of time to get home for makeup and a change of clothes and stuff like that so I might have to lend her some of my clothes – which isn’t a problem as we are about the same size – but I’m not very trendy! hehe.

I got home and we had a thinking of you card from The Gibb and Mrs Gibb. It was really nice that they took time out this afternoon to pop round – I wasn’t here as I was at my Mum’s house. Me and Rich watched old episodes of Doctor Who, QI and Mock The Week. There were about 3 episodes of Doctor Who in on of them it was when Tom Baker regenerates and the Doctor is then played by Peter Davidson. Baker was the Fourth incarnation of the Doctor and Peter Davidson was the Fifth. David Tennant is the 10th)

Then a bit later I watched Little Dorritt, Bones and CSI:Miami with my Mum.

I’m going to try and finish tidying up now without getting mega sidetracked. I’m up to 514 words on NaNoWriMo. Well, that’s at least what is typed up rather than hand-written. I think in note form there is another 200 ish maybe more. NaBloPoMo is coming along quite well though – I seem to have something to post about most days at the moment!


  1. Gordon Grant says:

    Hannah, I know exactly what’s going through your head kinda as my dad died earlier in the year, peacefully in the local hospice.
    It’s the little things that get you, trying to stay focused is hard but just take it step by step even if it’s only a little baby steps.
    I held it together pretty well until we got to the final hymn then the legs went but I somehow stayed upright, I think it was dad saying it’s alright son I’ve got you..

    It does get better, it does get easier it all takes time..

    ** Gentle Scottish Hug **


  2. Moogie says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss Hannah. Just know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and yours. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts in my comments on love. They were wonderful.

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