In A Tangle – Episode 3 – Show Notes

Hello friends! Well it’s been a while – welcome back for Episode 3 of In A Tangle. There was a plan and then I had sick kids and it all went to pieces. So I’m back by myself for this episode but I’m hoping that come the next episode I will have a special guest! Exciting!

In A Tangle

Timings for this Episode 

0:00 Introduction

01:17 Things I’ve Achieved/Things I’m Waiting On

01:40 On The Needles

Two Christmas presents

Rebecca at The Pigeon’s Nest (she’s great! Follow her on Social Media or take a look at her website). She’s talked about using the tails from previous projects or scraps of fabric in as stuffing for things.

Two Finished Projects – both projects were the Tweedy Junior from Hedgehog Fibres just in different yarn combinations.

05:50 Planning for 2023 

  • Nine Projects to Complete in 2022 – Blog Post 
  • Starflanket by Stephen West – Website Link 
  • Twists and Turns by Stephen West
  • Aurora Cabin Shawl by Stephen West – WestKnits Website (Midnight Walks and Duck Egg from Truly Hooked Yarns, there’s a third skein of something yummy from her too but I don’t know the name and a fourth skein of yarn I have for the project was a birthday present back in 2020 and came from Demelza’s Delights – I’d love to be able to identify the colourway but haven’t managed to so far – it looks a lot like Rebecca but I’m not sure. (You can find her on Instagram and Etsy).
  • Mentioned in passing Knitmore Girls and Fibre East/Summer Wool Festival (29th and 30th July 2023 at Redbourne Upper School, Ampthill)

09:50 Finishing Outstanding Projects – Clearing the Decks 

13:00 In A Tangle Yarn Chicken!

Stylecraft Merry-Go-Round (Wolplein/WoolWarehouse) paired with Stylecraft Special in Sherbet Wolplein to the rescue! (My local Stylecraft Distributor)

14:25 TV/YouTube