It’s BEDA Time

I’m not sure I am going to be able to keep up with this but it’s BEDA (aka Blog Every Day in August, a phrase coined by the fab author Maureen Johnson), I will do my best to keep up and there may even be pictures along the way.

I know of a few other bloggers who are taking part – but whenever I Google it I get lots of old hits from people who did Blog Every Day in April (I’m not entirely sure why it changed lol)

Today was great, first up was church, because it’s August we’ve got All Age services each Sunday. Today was about The Good Samaritan – it was funny because our friend who was playing the Samaritan had been told to look disreputable – he was wearing a hoodie, a woolie hat/beanie and his jeans were “drooping” (I’m not sure how else to describe it lol. Wannabe rude boy could be the phrase lol). Anyhoo it was good fun – I was sat in the front row with some of the kids so during the “preach” that wasn’t a preach I ended up doing a bit of colouring – I did the sky on one girl’s picture and the saddle on another picture. The preach was actually a bit of a gameshow/drama sketch to explain the story of the Good Samaritan.

Me and That Boy were in the front row doing the actions to Great Big God, Steph (who was leading the service) wanted us to go up and do the actions but That Boy wouldn’t and the actions that I know are different to what have been teached in kids work and stuff like that so I need to learn the other actions and then do those lol.

After church we hung around and chatted to lots of people. I chased my friend’s 2 year old son as he decided that staying in church was boring and he wanted to go for a wander down the road. In the end I ended up chasing him round the church garden which kept him occupied for about 15 minutes while my friend had a chat with some of the other ladies.

Following that there was a ground of 7 of us going out for a girlie lunch (well our friend’s son was an honorary girl for lunch hehe). We headed into town and went to a restaurant called Harpurs – it’s quite posh and the decoration is modern but there are also vintage touches like very cool chandeliers.

We had a roast dinner (I had chicken) and then Apple Crumble with Custard to follow. The roast dinner was good but there was no stuffing and my Yorkshire pudding was so black on top that it was wasn’t really recognisable (I managed to salvage some so it wasn’t worth a complaint there and then). The Apple Crumble was lovely but I had got a disappointly small portion (even in comparison to the other portions on the table mine was small). We discussed about our portion size and one of the other ladies round the table had got a small portion as well so I didn’t feel so left out.

As we left the restaurant I texted my Dad and asked him to look up what buses were running on a Sunday. I had two options of what I could get home but seeing as the one of the buses was there in the station I decided to hop on that one. I got the bus at 1513 from the bus station and arrived at home between half past 3 and 20 to 4. The bus took about 10 minutes from the station to my stop (about the same time as a car trip would have taken) and then I walked through the park and the woods back to our house. That Boy was a little disappointed that I hadn’t walked all the way town but I was slightly stuffed from lunch lol. (According to Google from the restaurant to my house is just over 2 miles – this is the road route rather than cutting across patches of grass and up alleys lol)

When I got home I brought the washing in that had been out nearly all weekend, I’d put it out Saturday afternoon before we went to our friend’s birthday party and then when I got home I was too shattered and only remembered it when I woke up this morning lol.

I sorted that out and then flopped in front of the TV, That Boy decided (well actually more like I forced him) to take a nap. At 6ish I went to help JD move to the house that she’s staying at this week. We had to put the seat down in the car so that we could get the rats cage in there (she has 3 rats, they are all very cute but apparently they might bite lol)

I then took her back to hers as she was being picked up by another friend to go out for the evening. I then got home and woke That Boy up. We sorted some tea and I parked in front of the TV to watch Sherlock.

I watched it on iPlayer last week as I’d heard lots about it. It’s directed by Steven Moffat (yup, he directs Doctor Who since Russell T Davies left). This evening was the second episode and it was good, it wasn’t quite as good as the first but it wasn’t bad.

After that we watched Frequently Asked Questions about Time Travel which was okay but some bits didn’t quite work like Chris O’Dowd from It Crowd getting with Anna Faris – something is a little off lol.


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