What to do

I am seriously struggling at the moment, I do like my job but technically it’s only temperary for six months so as much as the fact I want to feel settled – in a way there is no point because I could be going in 5 months (I’ve been here nearly a month already).

I don’t know what I want to do next as such. I heard an article today on the radio that nearly 5 years per person are wasted because they are in the wrong job. I left University at the end of my degree last June and since I have bounced from one job to the next pretty much. I worked for an Electrical Wholesalers from April through to August. I was a cleaner at church and for my Mum through to November, I then worked for Star until the end of February and started here on the 10th-ish of March.

I guess I would be ok staying here but I don’t want to get “stuck” here as such.

I sit and try and think of what I would do – like if I knew what I know now what would I have done at the end of my GCSE’s and/or A Levels. When I finished my GCSE’s I wanted to do performing arts or become a Paramedic – I looked at which A Levels I needed and where I could go to Uni but because I didn’t move to the college I ended up doing Performing Arts. Now I am here 5 years down the line and don’t think I made the right choice. I need God to stick his giant Godly hand out of the clouds – point at me and say this is what you need to do!!!!! Except it doesn’t happen like that in real life – I just mumble along and see what I can do.

I looked at going back to study again but I still have no idea. Kewey and Chris suggested I started my own business doing crafty bits but there isn’t enough money in it. I know the job shouldn’t be for the money but I need to cover some of the bills. GRHA;JHWRLHWERLJH!!!!!!!!!! WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!?

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  1. Lynne says:

    If you really want to be creative, pay the bills and start doing crafty things in your spare time. One day you might realise it’s paying the bills – et voila.

  2. Jox says:

    well you’re in good company. I don’t know what to do either job wise.
    I trained as a Stage Manager and worked in various theatres until 1999 when I stopped when I was pregnant with my first son. A few years later I was getting bored and didn’t know what to do so I did a Open University Course call ‘Open to Change’ which was really good at focusing on what you want to do and how you can do it.
    And I got a job working for a charity as an admin assistant which is much more family orientated than the theatre.
    But I am now wanting to do something else, like make things all day. I would go through the the course books again but I’ve lent it to someone!

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