Long Time No Talk

I feel like I’ve not really been here. I’ve dropped by and said hi, assigned some excuse to my absence – usually something to do with NaNoWriMo.

But I did it, I achieved NaNoWriMo. Part 1 of the book is with two friends at the moment (Becca and Maria).

Maria was first to comment about it and about reading it, hence why I sent it to her – something in me was too embarrassed to show it to people I know IRL kinda. I then sent it to Becca as well because I know she’ll give me constructive criticisms about how bits don’t work and things like that. I know for sure that in places I’ve over repeated things mainly because I was too fed up of the story to go back and analyse what was going on but also so short of time that going back and editing etc. wasn’t really an option.

NaBloPoMo this year completely hit the fan – plain and simply. I was trying to write 2k a day where possible, add into that things like Christmas, visiting family (Especially Chris’s Grandad), two crazy day’s in London (and then blogging about it because that’s what I do. 1,2,3,4), it soon adds up that November vanished before my eyes.

So now we’re in December and minus the snow which seems to have once again driven the country to a halt (if that’s possible). I was outside earlier walking back from the warehouse and my cheekbones were hurting it was that cold. Then again yesterday evening I was in pain because my feet were cold.

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