Monthly Review: August

I stumbled across Belle’s review posts over on her blog by accident and decided to attempt to revive my own Monthly Review posts. This is August’s monthly review. You can see others here. At the end of each month, I write a monthly review all about what I’ve been up to each month. 


Highlights from August

  • August started with Chris being away at Newday. Combined with Jaxon being in the middle of the school holidays. Things felt a bit crazy all week.
  • Chris arrived home on his birthday. I hadn’t really made any plans because I didn’t know whether he’d want to go out or stay in but in the end we ended up going out for dinner. My brother and his wife were busy but Mum and Dad were able to join us for dinner which was lovely.
  • Across August, my Dad was amazing and had Jaxon once a week (Sometimes more depending on what was on) which mean I was able to buckle down and get lots of work things done which was great.
  • Once Auntie Rachel was back from her big adventure, she was able to have Jaxon as well for a few hours here and there which meant I was able to have some more “solo” time to clear the decks a bit more which was lovely and added to my gratitude.
  • Mum, Richard and I had decided we were going to see Antman and The Wasp. We asked Dad if he wanted to come and he said yes so we all went together. We got dinner at Wagamama’s beforehand. Not sure Dad was so convinced about it but we all loved the food again. I introduced everyone to Chicken Gyoza.

Top Posts Viewed in August

Projects Worked on in August

  • Stormy Skies Jumper (Pattern by Nicky at Handknits and Hygge)
  • Jaxon’s Jumper
  • Autumn Breeze Sweater (Pattern by Paintbox Yarns – downloaded from LoveKnitting)

Books Read in August

Series Watched (Not full seasons btw!)

  • Elementary
  • Doctor Who
  • Reverie
  • The Catch (Another Shonda Rhimes show!)
  • 9-1-1
  • For The People
  • Burden of Truth
  • Cheaspeake Shores
  • Instinct
  • Eight Go Rallying: Road to Saigon

Films watched

  • Girl in Progress
  • Of All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (Janel Parrish as a sort of “goodie” instead of her “Is she a goodie or baddie?” character in Pretty Little Liars was a little strange!)
  • PLaying nice
  • Brimming with Love
  • Freshman Father
  • Love Blossoms
  • Bramble House Christmas (it turned cold, I was doing Christmas planning, I kind of couldn’t resist! Don’t judge me!)
  • Birthday Wish
  • Jumanji (new one)
  • The Boss Baby
  • Moana
  • Frozen
  • The Clapper
  • Public Schooled
  • Love on the Slopes

Goals for September

  • Clear some of the UFOs (unfinished objects). Across the summer I started three projects and none of them are close to being finished so definitely going to work on those, especially the Stormy Skies Jumper. That is definitely more of a challenge with all the repeats etc and the fact it’s in the round for some of it but I am determined that I will finish it and not give up on it. Maybe if the boys go off for an adventure, I will take up residence on the sofa and work my way through the sleeves as far as I can.
  • Getting my small business back on the rails properly. I think a lot of the summer had been able keeping my head above water rather than actually getting anywhere. I’m hoping with Jaxon now being at school full time I’ll be able to get better at structuring my days and clearing the decks each day (rather than working into the evening/night instead of having self care time)