My Weekend

So having finally finished my post about my week I’m now going to post about my weekend before going to write the post about the Monopoly Challenge.

Felixstowe Promenade

I went here this weekend – I however didn’t take the picture – but I wish I had! 🙁 I took some on my phone but the weather was really sucky so I’m not sure how clear they will be lol. I took one of Chris and his Aunt talking about the container ships going into Felixstowe but A.K. (Chris’s Auntie) wasn’t too impressed as her hair was all over the place hehe.

So this weekend we went to visit A.K. and her sidekick. We had an awesome time. A.K. is so welcoming and kind. We arrived around lunchtime yesterday. We sat down for some lunch of a cheese toastie (or whatever flavour had been created – I think Chris had Brie, Celery and Cranberry or something strange like that lol)

We headed into Norwich which was really cool. There is a store there called Brambles – Oh my goodness I loved it lol. Is Norwich too far for a day trip? (I found this picture on Flickr – It’s on a proper road so I should be able to find the shop front on Street View – Note: I found it! Their postcode is NR2 1AT and they have a website)


After our trip to Norwich we came home and watched Strictly Come Dancing and Merlin – we then played 3 games of Articulate. I played with A.K.’s Sidekick for two games and we lost both. Me and Chris then ended up on a team together and we won but it was very close.

This morning we had breakfast together and listened to BBC Radio Norfolk – they were doing a treasure hunt or something like that. We then headed over to Felixstowe and then went to the supermarket on the way home. Following that we had lunch which was a speed cooked roast dinner but was amazing all the same! Yum!

Unfortunately because of the time we needed to be back we had to leave really promptly after lunch. We got back into Bedford around 4:20 ish, I dropped Chris at church and me, Zoza and Mum went to a baptism service. My friend Catz and Zoza’s friend were getting baptised – we worked out that there were 350 people at the proper service bit and there might have been the same or less at the baptism. Because the church meets in a local community centre they had the dunking bit at a local school that has a swimming pool then we all changed venue for the testimonies and worship time.

My friend made me cry lol. I was all proud and happy and stuff and I blubbed lol. I looked over at my Mum and she was crying too! Doh thats the second baptism I’ve been to in the last year and have ended up in tears lol. Can I make it a hat-trick when Zoza gets baptised in two weeks time?

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