NaBloPoMo Closes for this year

Ok so it doesnt close for another 24 hours technically but from about 9pm tomorrow I am pretty much internet less for the weekend. I am babysitting my friends daughter for the whole weekend – She’s 9 so I guess it’s more childminding than Babysitting.

I enjoyed doing NaBloPoMo it’s easier to fit around work etc because you can sit down when you get it from work – type about your day and that can be your post if that is all you have to write about whereas NaNoWriMo takes so much more dedication – 50,000 words is not easy – I think if I actually had word counted my dissertation I might have been close to 15,000 (it was a research folder and so it was hard to determine what was research and what counted as your word count)

I think I am going NaBloPoMo again next year although I have a year to decide – well maybe 11 months. Can I plan my story rather than write it then start typing as fast as I can on the 1st November – someone clever worked out that you would have to write 1667 words each day to be able to reach 50,000 on the last day.

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