NaBloPoMo: Day 17: The One With My Adventure (Part One)

So today I cashed in my ticket and went to the #140conf.

I got up this morning at just after 6:30am – yes people I was up that early – I threatened to take a picture of the clock but I did my tweets will have to do lol (@Girltaristhan)

Me and Brains had some breakfast and then headed for the tube station. As most of the route was a slightly detoured route of her way to work she was able to help me out and guide me to where I needed to go and stuff like that.

I left Brains at London Bridge and waiting for the Jubilee line heading towards Stratford – I was going to be getting off at North Greenwich for the O2 Arena and IndigO2. It took four attempts to get on the train because there were just so many people heading to work at 8:30 this morning. We got to Canary Wharf and the train completely emptied – there were maybe 4 people left in our carriage – it was mad!!

I got to the O2 Arena and found that there was an O2 store so I could get a charger – note to self it starts conversations and (beautiful) tweetships lol. (Friendships + Twitter = Tweetships)

Anyhoo! So I arrived and got my badge – was a little worried that I left my printout in my other bag (or tucked right at the bottom of my satchel) the lady on the desk was super lovely and took my name and sorted my ticket.

While I was in the foyer I saw @darenBBC wander past. His site is here. I was going to say hello but was kinda a little worried – all these people I had never met – what if I wasn’t what they expected or thought I was. I also saw @JeffPulver in reception but as the organiser he was running around organising people and sorting stuff out.

I went and sat down – I was kinda early so I sat down in the second row – I was closer to the front than I was at Les Mis lol.

(I’ve started writing this on the tube – my phone is dying on me for like the third time so hopefully it’ll save drafts as I go along)

I had a tweet conversation with @MinxyMoggy about saving her a seat and if she was there and stuff like that. (her site is here)

This conversation continued on and off for most of the day in one form or another – I should have given her my moby number earlier in the day rather than right at the end!

Okay so a brief run down of my fave bits and pieces. There was an awesome animation by Mashcast of Jeff (see above for link!) and @Jeffrey Hayzlett (he’s an important dude at Kodak) arriving at the conference – there were various London landmarks and things like that to introduce it (you can see it “here” – okay link to follow)

Following this Jeff did a fab introducing talk about how he got into Am (or Ham) radio and used to use a CB radio (I have had a go on ones of those – one guy had the handle of Peter Rabbit! Lol)

Then Stephen Fry took the stage. Firstly he was crowned the King of Twitter by the lads from then he got on to do his talk. He talked a lot about SM (Social Media) being about the person not the business or whole – its a medium with emotion attached to it and stuff like that.

(There were more morning bits I want to add but I’ve been on the go for nearly 16 hours so I need to flop!)

Lunch was with @Minxymoggy (you can find her website here. She does websites, marketing and PR and stuff like that and @hrkovar (her blog/site ishere). We went to Las Iguanas which serves Latino/Mexican food – I had nachos with Red Leicester and cheddar cheese on them because it was like the plainest thing on the menu! Lol.

@minxymoggy had suggested going to Wasabi – that would have been worse for me lol. They are a Sushi and Bento bar. I’ve been past Yo! Sushi in St Pancras a few times and I love the posters and the idea and design of Bento boxes but I really do not like the idea of eating raw fish.

I started this post on the train and now I’m shattered so I’m not sure how many links are correct etc. If there are any duds leave a comment or drop me an email hannah at rockangel dot co dot uk and I will get it fixed asap!


    • God's Rock Angel says:

      You are totally welcome – Thank you for looking out for me and getting me to try Mexican/Latino food! I would have just gone to Pizza Express or a safe bet lol.

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