NaBloPoMo: Day 7: The One With The Swishing

So technically I’m writing this on the 10th November due to all the excitement of moving house and not having any internet I’ve fallen behind both on NaBloPoMo and NaNoWriMo. I’m not calling them failures yet – I can go made and do an all nighter on the novel and post date my blogs lol. I WILL CATCH UP!

This morning me and CJ were going to go and get some bits from the Supermarket and from the local DIY store but he was being mean and stuff so I ended up going out on my own. On the Plan A list we were going to go to the store where Q works and ask for silly things like “A tin of elbow grease” and a “Long Stand” and see if he would take the bait. Unfortunately we didn’t get that far.

I went to hang out at my Mum’s after going and running some errands. I went to the supermarket on the way home and found that Slumdog Millionaire was on special offer so I bought it for CJ as he keeps going on about how he wants to see it. CJ kept getting all excited to see India again – okay so it was Mumbai and he went to Bangalore but he was still super excited. I think it proves how desperate he wants to go back – but what about me?!? I don’t handle the heat well and India is going to be HOT! There’s a bit where Jamal jumps into the toilet pit – I actually thought CJ was going to throw up! He was pulling such a funny face – it was kinda gross but I’d already seen it twice so knew what was coming.

This evening was another Swishing Party. (I also found this where you can do Swishing online.) When we moved house on the 5th, Me and The Kiwi both sorted out some clothes that we didn’t really want any more – so I sorted the bag and took some of the items to the Swishing Party. Me and Mum had a great time – I got two tops (photos to follow!). Mum also got a nice blouse from the party. I was looking to see if anyone had put in a winter coat – there was a coat but it was like a 10 or something so it really wouldn’t fit me.


  1. Rickie says:

    They have swishing parties in Bedford?! How come I haven’t come across any in Bedford? They were happening in NYC but I didn’t have anything to get rid off then!

    • God's Rock Angel says:

      Yep they do.

      We host them at church, there is also a lady who hosted a couple in the town centre – I don’t if they still happen though. Have a look on Meetup there might be some on there 🙂

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