Rock on!!!

Here’s a run down of the last week or so. Last Saturday was Ruth’s party and I played guitar and bass. My fingers were very very sore and were peeling – thankfully now they are just sore and the ends have got quite tough. However I didn’t really have an excuse to complain Karen went into labour this evening and Baby Esther was born at 9:31pm on the 5th April (that makes her 9 days old today)

Then on Sunday I went to church and Myles was preaching which was cool – it was entitled Church 101 and was about where the church is moving to and how things are going to change. I got home and felt really rough – I wasn’t ill in the sense of a headache or anything like that I just felt weird. I chatted to Mum about it and she said it was probable that I was so stressed and worked up about the party and playing that I worked myself up and made myself poorly. So I chilled infront of the TV and watched the end of NCIS Season 3. (Ready to watch Season 4 if we have the right channels!!!)

On Monday I was back to work. I felt a little spaced out from being yucky the day before but I was bearing up. I got to work and had recieved an email from one of the customers I was helping last week saying thank you for my help. I was astounded at how polite he was. This week I was determined to get Lore‘s Birthday Package sorted for Swap-Bot so that hopefully it would be with her before the 18th which is her birthday. I can’t wait for my package to arrive from GeekyPoet – who also has her birthday on the 27th April.

On Wednesday I went to my first church Members Meeting – it was really kinda boring – it was the AGM so we had to talk finance and stuff like that. We did have an election for new Deacons which was cool – I get the feeling one of the nominations were very close just from some of the expressions on peoples faces around the room. The person I voted for (I think) has the power to get things done, the person is a little bit OTT and so scares me a little! lol.

By Thursday I couldn’t wait for the weekend to come around – I was really tired again mainly from the weekend before and because Chris seems to think it’s only him who needs to sleep so if he comes to bed ridiculously late it’s not his fault.

So now it’s Monday 14th April and I just finished lunch. Roll on another week!!!

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