The Friday Read: No 18

The Friday Read

Your favourite biography/autobiography

I am sure there are more that have made me laugh to the point of nearly falling out of bed but the ones I remember are Billy and Brave Mouth by Pamela Stephenson (both also made me cry too) about her husband Billy Connolly, and Dear Fatty by Dawn French. I’ve also read quite a few including Memoirs of A Fruitcake and It’s Not What You Think by Chris Evans, The Fry Chronicles by Stephen Fry, Difficult Second Book by Chris Moyles (Although he now really annoys me and I no longer listen to his breakfast show if I can help it).

I read Dear Fatty while we were at our rented house over near church – our bed only just fit between the door frame and the fitted wardrobe. I started laughing and nearly ended up wedged between the wardrobe and the bed – I think Chris had to pull me back into bed before I fell out.

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