What Happened in September 2020? (Monthly Review)

It’s the beginning of a new month so time to look back at the last month for my monthly review. How did your September go? What did you get up to?

September Monthly Review

The Month in Bullets

  • Jaxon went back to school. Following the schools closing due to the pandemic, I was nervous about him going back to school. I know he needed to do it and he needed the structure that comes with going to school (and spending time with other people) but sending him back when the infection rate is still quite high has been making me a little anxious. So far he’s been back for about 3 weeks and it seems to be going okay. His school are doing a great job to keep the students as safe as they can.
  • Rex finally got back to his birth weight which was good and that meant that we could be discharged from the Midwifery Team.
  • The boys have been getting out and doing longer walks so that’s been interesting. One week they walked from our house to Danish Camp at Willington and then the following week they walked from our house to the River at Great Barford so we could meet for a picnic. Both have been good as Jaxon’s been out and not in front of a screen. Chris has taken Rex with him which has given me time to do things around the house or just chill out and not be on “duty”.

Books Read

With all the I’m up in the night at the moment (or feeding during the day), I decided reading might be a better option rather than watching TV on my iPhone or iPad. I subscribed to Kindle Unlimited for a month and have already made it worth it by reading all these books (when I looked at a paperback of a book I wanted to read and that was already heading towards £10 for one book)

  • Secrets at the Loch (Loch Lannick Book 5) by Hannah Ellis
  • Finding Love at Hedgehog Hollow by Jessica Redland
  • Making Wishes at Bay View (Welcome to Whitsborough Bay) by Jessica Redland
  • New Beginnings at Seaside Blooms by Jessica Redland
  • Finding Hope at Lighthouse Cove by Jessica Redland
  • A Cornish Summer Holiday (Little Duck Pond Cafe, Book 11) by Rosie Green
  • Log Fires & Toffee Apple Cake at the Little Duck Pond Cafe: (Little Duck Pond Cafe, Book 12) by Rosie Green (in progress)

Series Watched

  • Long Way Up
  • Long Way Round
  • All Creatures Great and Small (I read a sample of the book before watching the TV series so was quite pleased that so much of the book plot is in the TV show)
  • 911 and 911: Lone Star
  • The Great British Bake Off (I’m excited that they managed to come up with a solution to make it work even during COVID-19. There’s an article on the Radio Times website talking about it. You can read it here).

Films Watched

YouTube Channels Watched

I ended up watching a lot of YouTube videos as they are often bite-sized chunks rather than full programs that I might not have had the attention span for. These are the channels I’ve been watching.

With Jaxon, we’ve been watching the walkthroughs of Paper Mario: The Origami King by ZachScottGames which has been good fun to watch him get all excited about it. (If it should interest you the whole playlist of Paper Mario is here).

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