Yorkshire Dales: Day Two

Yorkshire Dales: Summer 2015

Last week we were on holiday in the Yorkshire Dales. There was signal but it was minimal and patchy so when it come to blogging it was a bit impossible. I made notes so I could share of our adventures once we were back.

Day Two (Tuesday)

We decided that we were going to go to Hardraw Force today – not only that Chris thought it would be a great idea if we walked it. Turns out that it was about 8 miles in total from the campsite in Gayle (near Hawes) to Hardraw Force and back again. After a bit of research when we got back it turns out that Hardraw Force is used in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves – well I didn’t know that – will have to share that fact with my mum!

Angry Birds Baby

This onesie from was Grandad and Nanny for Jaxon’s birthday – I managed to squeeze it in to Jaxon’s bag before we left and in the end it came in extra handy!

Our Sidekick was so good and carried Jaxon nearly all day including an extra bit that he decided to explore. He asked about climbing this extra bit of hill and Chris was like “Yeah sure go for it” and I half expected him to them put Jaxon down and go explore but instead he explored with Jaxon still in the carrier.

We found a couple of rocks to perch on while we ate our sandwiches. Jaxon and fallen asleep and was all snuggled into Our Sidekick’s back (very cute!). We carried on the rest of the way back and spent the afternoon back at the tent. Chris curled up on the floor and accidentally fell asleep there in the middle of the tent.

Our Sidekick, Jaxon and I played outside the tent, including practicing back flips onto the airbed (probably not the best option but sure was safer that the alternative without the bed!). One Chris had finished napping we had Pulled Pork and cheese on toast for tea. Our Sidekick even walked to the village to get ketchup and mixed herbs so we could make toast pizzas.

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