Hello November (November Goals)

It’s a new month, so it’s time to share my goals for the month. I’m sure I used to do it more often but then I stopped. I was aiming for five but as I look at my list I only have four… Hopefully I’ll think of a fifth one as I type it up.

Goal 1: November Challenge

Each month my Apple Watch tells me the challenge for the month – sometimes it’s really easy and I can get through it quickly and other times it’s that bit harder. This month’s goal is to close the Exercise Ring 13 times. As I’m cycling a lot each week, it shouldn’t be too hard to complete but I guess we will see. I will also be trying to close all 3 circles as well. (If you’re not sure about the circles there are videos on YouTube, this one from Cult of Mac is interesting).

Goal 2: NaNoWriMo

Let’s do this thing! Back in 2017, Chris and I had a whole discussion about me writing a book. We were talking about goals and things we wanted to achieve and writing a book was something I said. It was a little crazy and I’m still not sure it’s that sane! But I’m taking part in NaNoWriMo again, bringing a previous draft with me in the hope that I can actually hit that word count this year. I guess we’ll see if I actually make it. I’m sure the writing group I’ve been attending will be checking in on me to make sure I’m still going!

Goal 3: Ride 75km in November

I wrote this one down as 70km, then looked at the tracking on my watch/phone and realised that in October (25 days of being in Copenhagen), I’d already hit 68.17km. So as long as I tracked it all adding another 7km shouldn’t be too hard. (EDIT: It’s now the 6th and I’ve already completed 31.95km, it might be time to up that goal already!)

Goal 4: Finished Shawlography MKAL

Like so many other people, I cast on the MKAL from West Knits but haven’t always been speedy enough to get through a Clue per week. I’m currently still on Clue 2 but there are more straightforward knit/purl short rows to come so hopefully I can get through those bits before I slow down again for my first attempt at Brioche. (to me Brioche is yummy French bread not knitting lol).

Goal 5: Reduce my Currerntly Reading

My currently reading list on Goodreads keeps growing even though I’ve either finished or completely stopped reading some fo the books. Now some of them are physical books and are back in the UK, but the ones that I can clear I will try to and hopefully that will reduce the list. It’s currently at 22 and that’s even with me reading some that I really won’t go back to.

This is the list as it stands (where I know it’s defintiely a physical book that I don’t have access to I will put it in Italics with an * at the beginning. (You will notice a theme… I read lots, but mostly light stuff that I can pick up around the boys or at bedtime. I am about to start also reading Podcast with Impact by Anna Parker-Naples which is more of a work thing but still very interesting).

Currently Reading (According to Goodreads)

  • *The Highland Falcon Theief by M. G. Leonard
  • Falling for Your Best Friend’s Girl – Emma St. Clair
  • Perfectly Unique by Annie F. Downs
  • My Christmas Number One by Leonie Mack
  • Real Men Knit by Kwana Jackson
  • *The Austen Girls by Lucy Worsley
  • The Summer of Magic Moments by Caroline Roberts
  • The Cosy Teashop in the Castle by Caroline Roberts
  • Women Rise up by Katey Zeh
  • Runaway Sumer by Ruth Saberton
  • Escape for the Summer by Ruth Saberton
  • Looking for Lucy by Julie Houston (I’m sure I have already finished this one but Goodreads say it’s still in progress…)
  • The One Saving Grace by Julie Houston (Same with this one)
  • No Cure for Love by Jean Fullerton
  • *Ordinary Mum, Extraordinary Mission
  • Sleigh Ride
  • An Event to Remember or Forget
  • Happiness for Humans by P. Z. Reizin
  • Lost in a Good Book by Jasper Fforde
  • Two Nights by Kathy Reichs
  • Angelopolis by Danielle Trussoni
  • *From Blah to Awe by Jenna Lucado-Bishop (I started this *years* ago and for some reason still not finished it)

Goodreads also tells me that I’ve read 32 out of 40 books in 2021. So can I clear 8 books from my Currently Reading and tick them off my Reading Challenge this year too? I guess we’ll see.

Have you set any goals for November? I’d love to see them if you’ve shared them online.

The Monthly Review: October


The Monthly Review: October

The Months in Points

  • We moved to another country. If you’ve not been around these parts for long, Chris moved to Denmark this time last year then because of Covid restrctions and other things, Rex and I properly joined Jaxon and Chris in Denmark at the beginning of this month.
  • I’ve been sharing over on Instagram my adventures around the city and what we’ve been up to. I’ve joined a writing group and a couple of knitting group so hopefully going to settle into them well. I missed the meetup of the writing group this weekend and got a message from one of my new friends making sure I was okay and telling me I was missed from the group which was really sweet.
  • We’ve started to settle in at a new church. It’s a little challenging with so much of the service being in Danish but there is a translation system which is handy. Rex loves playing in the kids area there.


I tinkered with some little projects but the big one I’ve been working on has been the Shawlography MKAL from West Knits. I love the introduction video and how it was a contemporary dance piece. (You can see it here). I had tried to purchase my yarn before leaving the UK but it didn’t quite work out.


  • Daughters of Cornwall by Fern Britton
  • There’s Something About Scarlett by Hannah Ellis
  • Fragile Hearts by the Loch by Hannah Ellis
  • In A Manhatten Minute by Helen J Rolfe
  • A Summer of Surprises by Rosie Green
  • The Wedding Cake Wish by Rosie Green
  • Escape to the Hummingbird Hotel by Daisy James

You can find all the books I’ve read on my Goodreads account here. (My TBR list is 198 books long – it might be time to work on that along with the 29 currently reading ones! In other news I’ve read 29 books out of 40 in 2021).


  • Private Practice – I’m sure I must have watched it before when it was on as I’m a huge Shondaland fan but it’s currently available on Disney+ here in Denmark so I’ve been working my way through it.
  • Suits – Chris was already watching this so I’ve joined in, I’ve missed a chunk in the middle so I’m watching Season 2 or 3 when I can then watching Season 8 or 9 in the evenings with him. If I don’t understand a bit I go google it to fill in the gaps lol.

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Blogtober – Day 29: Not again so soon…
Blogtober 2021

Once again, I’m committing to Blogtober, but whether I’ll make it happen or not is another thing. One day I’ll manage all the days without having to catch up at weekends or something like that. For now, Happy Blogtober.

Rex and I are poorly again.

Yep. Having just got over that cold from the other week and no longer coughing. We’re both poorly again. Thankfully it seems like a 24-hour bug as we’d both perked up again around lunchtime but was still us being poorly.

No adventures today, just lots of TV time. We worked our way through more Bluey (please release some more. 54 episodes at 8 minutes apiece means we get through them on a regular basis at the moment), then when Rex napped I watched some more Private Practice. Jaxon and I watched Luca this evening, I think I might have slept through some of it.

By the time it was the end of school and time to collect Jaxon, I was really feeling it again – this time I’d got a niggly headache coming. I knew it was more than likely dehydration and I really needed to try and drink some more but the squash we had in was making me feel a little queasy (I have no clue why) so I tried just water but

Once both boys were in bed, I went to bed at 9 pm (which is very early for me!). I did start watching a TV episode on my phone while I was in bed but the bright light was making my head hurt more so decided sleep was better! I slept until around midnight when Rex woke for a feed. I then dozed off again until Chris arrived home from his work thing (around 1 am apparently!) . He then told me about his day and the work thing before we both went to sleep. I woke at 5 am to sort Rex out and we all went back to sleep until 6.40. That was when Jaxon came in, he was trying to find out what time he could get up – Chris said it was 7, so I said Jaxon could come in and snuggle for a little bit (while everyone else was asleep lol).

BUT, in other news, our car is fixed and my Dad collected it from the garage – superstar! (Chris commented about how long it took but I think with it not exactly being urgent we were bumped down the list each time something urgent came into the garage).

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Blogtober – Day 22: Exploring the Neighbourhood
Blogtober 2021

Once again, I’m committing to Blogtober, but whether I’ll make it happen or not is another thing. One day I’ll manage all the days without having to catch up at weekends or something like that. For now, Happy Blogtober.

All week Chris had been encouraging me to go out but between the weather, getting over the lurgy that Rex so generously shared with me and not really knowing where to go, I decided we’d go for an outing – even if we were just walking around the streets near the apartment. That’s what we’d do most days when we were back in the UK.

We needed to get some superglue so my target was to get to Silvan at Nørrebro ByCenter (Silvan is the Danish equivalent of B&Q or Homebase and it’s part of the local shopping centre – it would be like going to The Harpur Centre in Bedford or the Centre MK and finding a DIY store in there).

We took a reasonably straightforward route to get there, then started to detour on the way back.

I spotted this park on our way but I thought I’d got it wrong at first. The parks in Copenhagen are so well looked after, the fact that this one looked so underloved I thought I must have got it wrong. This is called Glasbroparken and it seems like at one side there is some building work going on so I think the whole park had been closed while the work was going on. There is a poster outside the park with some information on it but with it all being in Danish, I’m going to need to stand there properly and translate it.

On our way home, Chris recommended that we go to Lidl to see if they had any cereal (cheaper than some of the other supermarkets but also closer choices to what we have in the UK). The store is very compact and some of the aisles are really not buggy friendly so I was getting a little stressed as I struggled to find what I was looking for. In the end, we got some other bits and headed home (and I said Chris might have to go for me another day to take a look for me!)

A lot of the buildings around here have basements, some are like ours which are storage, drying rooms or the communal laundry. In one of the basements in our building, there is a lounge/area that you can hire for birthday parties etc. Some of the buildings like this one has an apartment in the basement too. I love spotting the quirky doors on the older buildings. Near this one there’s another door which is a double door but with one big door and one little door. I’m going to attempt to share more of these things I spot over on Instagram when I can. This mural was one I spotted on a different adventure.

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Blogtober – Day 18: Appointments and Break Downs

Once again, I’m committing to Blogtober, but whether I’ll make it happen or not is another thing. One day I’ll manage all the days without having to catch up at weekends or something like that. For now, Happy Blogtober.

Today we were on a mission. Jaxon needed to go to an appointment to get some official paperwork taken care of so we had to be on time and we had to make sure we had all the right information with us. The appointment was at a government office about 6.5km across the city from where we live. Cycling there was fairly straightforward once we were on the main road outside our apartment.

We left the apartment at 9 am. Google said that it should only take 20 minutes but I think that’s worked out on your keeping a constant speed and not stopping for traffic lights etc. so I’ve decided going forward I’m always to going to add at least 10 minutes on any time Google tells me lol. Also, I wanted to make sure we were early – I’d rather be early and be waiting on them than us be late and miss our appointment.

We headed through the city and all was going well. Jaxon and Rex were both in the cargo bike. When we were here in the Summer, Rex was smaller and a little less stable so needed help sitting up in the seat of the bike. So Jaxon had been putting his arm around Rex to comfort and protect him. This was only the first or second time they’d been in the cargo bike since we’ve been back in Copenhagen so when Jaxon did it without me even asking I was so proud that he was looking after Rex for me.

We were at the last set of traffic lights before the government building and the chain came off the back wheel of the bike (NO!). I pulled over and set about getting it sorted – it was relatively easy but such a messy job. I scrubbed my hands with baby wipes to get rid of the worst of the oil but my hands were so dirty still. I got back on the bike and we got to the building. You’re not allowed to park bikes right outside the building so I followed the sign around into the car park and found somewhere to park. As it happened there is an apartment building right next door and they had a little park and a bike rack right outside so I parked up. While I was getting the bike locked up and sorting out Rex, Jaxon had a few minutes to play – which was less stressful for me.

We got into the building, and we were actually about 15 minutes before our appointment time, so that gave us a few minutes to take a breathe and make sure we were ready. When you arrive, you have to type your reference number into a check-in screen then they assign you a counter to visit. I found a seat for Jaxon to sit on while I tried to figure out what was going on. At first, I wasn’t sure what was happening as some of the instructions weren’t so clear but then a number got called before us and it made sense that the numbers on the screen didn’t necessarily start the same and ours would just appear in the list. Chris texted and asked how it was going so he got this picture back. I was kind of soggy but also very warm!!

Having prepared that we might have to wait especially as we were early, we were called really quick. The lady who dealt with us was lovely and we got through it all quickly. I was asked some questions as well as showing Jaxon’s passport. Then Jaxon had his photo taken and some other bits. Rex was in the carrier on my back and I think was enjoying being able to take a look around the whole room. We were so organised that we were back out again at 10:03 – our appointment was 10:05! We headed back to the bike and got sorted to head home again. As we got ready to leave Jaxon told me he needed the loo so we had to rush home (We could have gone back into the building but I’d already got Rex all strapped in and the bike unlocked). As it was raining, I gave my phone to Jaxon and asked him to shout out the directions – or hold it in place so that I could see the map through the cargo bike window. At one point we had a bit of a miscommunication and I ended up taking the wrong exit at a junction – on top of which at that exact point the chain came off the bike! Great!  

I pulled over the bike and got the chain back on again. As we carried on, the bike didn’t seem to be pedalling right but I couldn’t figure out the issue as when I looked quickly it looked like everything was back correctly. I figured it was just that the battery was running low and once I had the battery back fully charged it would be fine.

We made it home and Jaxon dashed inside while I got the bike locked up and things like that. Once Rex and I were inside we all got out of wet clothes and I sorted out getting Rex down for a nap – it was going to be later today than normal but we’d all cope that bit better if he did have a nap lol. The rest of our day was pretty lazy hanging around the apartment, I’m sure we could have gone out but the weather was cold and wet. We watched lots of Bluey as usual as well as watching some of Jaxon’s marble run videos. I also worked on the Shawlography MKAL from WestKnits.

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