#40Acts – Day One: Pledge

Day One: Pledge

#40Acts - Day One: Pledge
Image from the #40Acts daily prompt email
  • Green Option: Set a reminder for each of the next 40 days to prompt you into that day’s act.
  • Yellow Option: Get an accountability partner who’ll keep you to your word (and your acts).
  • Red Option: Write a post on social media for each day’s act. Alternatively, start a daily diary or blog. Invite others to join in.

I’ve ended up blogging about what I’m up to. I’m going to try and stay on track but I’m not sure I will always have the opportunity to complete the acts. As I work from home, ones that need to do things for my colleagues or something like that might be a challenge. Maybe need to come up with a plan to do those on Knitting Group days or something like that.

Friday Finds – 1st March

Friday Finds

I love all those specific boxes for the different jobs – like the shoe storage and the TV box! So clever! Japanese Moving Company (From Rachel and Jun‘s YouTube Channel)

I love cheesy chick flicks – they are so predictable and unrealistic but I love a good love story. This week Isn’t It Romantic was added to Netflix and it pokes fun at chick flicks a bit like Chris does so I really enjoyed it! Rebel Wilson is perfect for the role and Chris Hemsworth’s saxophone playing at the end made me laugh lol. I love the references to other chick flicks, for example Rebel’s white dress and black hat earlier in the film and then a bit later in the film when one of the characters says “I’ll have what he’s having” which is a nod to this scene in When Harry Met Sally.

I’m sure I have other knitting projects to be finishing up and not casting on another but I am loving this baby blanket (Knitted Baby Blanket in Novita Baby Merino Dream). I figure if I start now by the time another friend announces there pregnant, I’ll be through it enough to give it away maybe. (Also it will probably be knitted in something nice from my stash rather than the one listed). The one above is one that I need to get done and took with me on our adventure today so that I could carry it in my backpack – small projects always travel that bit better!)

One of the projects, I have almost finished is this Baby Kimono Cardigan. I need to add the finishing touches like the buttons and ribbon but I think I will need to take it with me and get proper matching buttons rather than using whatever I have to hand like I might do with one of creations I’ve made for Jaxon.

I’ve found a couple of new channels to follow on YouTube. I’m a fan of Van Life/Tiny House/Schoolie videos and so Wild We Roam is right up my street. I also found Fight for Together too. Spent some time knitting and watching their documentary of hiking the Appalachian Trail – I think I might have shared it last week too but this week I got to watch some more of their videos and love their channel that bit more! I think a schoolie would work better for us as far as the size of it but we’d have nowhere to park it and to get a yellow school bus schoolie we’d have to import it before we could even start on fitting it out. I think I will stick with crazy “bricks and mortar” ideas for now.

Friday Finds – 22nd February

Friday Finds

During the week, I find all sorts of random things that I often mean to share then don’t so this post is all that, so here are my Friday Finds.

How crazy is this adventure! Sounds amazing though! It’s the kind of crazy adventure that Chris would want to do! The Crawford’s Hike the Appalachian Trail. The Appalachian Trail is 2,200 miles long running from Springer Mountain in Georgia (this is the Southern Terminus) to Mount Katahdin in Maine (This is the Northern Terminus). Mount Katahdin is also the start point for the IAT which is the extension of the Appalachian Trail into Canada – as far as Newfoundland. (YAY!)

I discovered this week that Republic of Doyle is filmed in St John’s, Newfoundland. I got excited about this and told my friend at knitting group who had originally told me that I’d probably like it, which then launched into how Gander grew overnight (Operation Yellow Ribbon, Come From Away). Come From Away opened in London this week so there’s lots of new articles popping up about it like this one from BBC News.

This week I guest posted over on Reema’s blog, It’s called Aumsome and you can find my post here. I was writing all about the joy of penpals.

{AD – Gifted} Bedtime stories is one of my favourite times of the day, we get to shut the rest of the world out and have a snuggle. We’ve got a variety of stories – and some nights Chris and /or I are just audience members to Jaxon’s reading skills – he’s getting so good! While at #SBSEvent2019 last week, I crossed paths with Allan who created My Strawberry Monkey, when I said I had Jaxon he offered to send us a copy of one of the My Strawberry Monkey books. It arrived today and hopefully will be read at bedtime! Yay! (Hopefully, I’m using the right disclosure! We were sent the book as a gift and I’m sharing on Social Media to show my gratitude and my love of the book).

Playground Adventures: Shenley Brook End, Milton Keynes, IKEA and Intu

Following my adventure on Tuesday, I really needed to catch up with work so minus one short trip out for an hour or so Thursday ended up being a work day which by bedtime was stressing Jaxon out.

He’s 4 so couldn’t really explain to me how he was feeling. I’ve read a variety of articles and blog posts over the years to understand that misbehaviour can often be a sign of something else. So Jaxon being naughty etc. because he may have been feeling lonely because I was busy.

Anyway, on Friday morning while the boys ate breakfast – I cleared a couple of tasks off my to-do list so that I could free up more of the day – I decided that I may have to work into the evening or even on Saturday while the boys were out but that’s okay. Just have to do juggling when it comes to the holidays. I think in the summer I’ll book in one day a week with Grandma and Grandpa, maybe Nanny and Grandad can do something too. We’ll see what can done.

Once we’d dropped Chris at the train station to go on his adventure, we found somewhere to stop to look for a playground. Jaxon asked for a “hard: one but in the end, a “new” one had to do as I’m sure my definition would have been different to his definition.

On Instagram, I follow Laura aka MiltonKeynesKids who often posts about new/favourite adventures which often includes different playgrounds that Laura and her boys visit. (Her Instagram profile is here). Earlier in the week, I’d seen Laura post about her boys going to the Shenley Brook End playground again, so I went back on IG to find the information then we set about driving over to Milton Keynes. It’s on the far side of Milton Keynes from Bedford. (About the same time in the car as going to Ikea at Bletchley so that’s not too bad).

To get to the park, the postcode recommended is that for Cashmere Close (MK5 7FA), my sat nav brought me along Garthwaite Crescent and then the playground was on the left hand side. Jaxon was very excited to get out of the car and go to explore. He loved climbing around the castle and exploring the different levels. He wasn’t so sure about doing some of the climbing bits and did have trouble with the climbing wall on the right of the castle. He loved the slide although it was still a bit wet when he first went down.

Jaxon loved exploring the other areas of the park. He wanted to go on the big swing but decided against it when he got over there and realise the whole seat was really wet. It’s possible that had we come back closer to lunchtime it would have been dryer by then and he could have gone on it with no issues. Apart from the “baby”: swings, all the equipment is meant for bigger children rather than smaller children. Jaxon was able to do a lot of the different activities on the castle but I think if he was any smaller he would have really struggled. There didn’t seem to be any signs with age limits etc so I think the park is open to all children.

While he played I read this plaque about the enhancements that were made to the park as part of MK50 (50 years of Milton Keynes). I then joined in with him and attempted to play on a few of the pieces of equipment. We played for about an hour in total and then Jaxon asked could we do something else. I was determined that we were going to spend the day having fun so next, we headed to IKEA at Bletchley. This also meant that I could put our car on charge while Jaxon played in Smaland. I grabbed a hot drink and some breakfast in the cafe while he had a lovely time playing. He absolutely loves going to Smaland and playing there (which works for me because I go get a hot drink and if I bring my laptop I can work too!).

After IKEA, we headed to the main shopping centre. In the “new bit” (Now it’s Intu Milton Keynes), there’s a small soft play area that Jaxon regularly plays on if he’s been good while we’ve done any shopping we’ve needed to get done. I think on one trip Chris stayed with him there while I did the errands rather than drag them both round.

We’d got about an hour to kill before we needed to head back to Bedford and collect Chris from the train station but after about 20 minutes Jaxon asked to go. It was quite busy so I wondered if he’d just had enough of trying to be careful around the smaller children or something along those lines. We headed back to the car and then after a pit stop in Bromham to grab some lunch from the shop there we went to the station to get Chris.

All in all I think it was a good day and we both enjoyed ourselves. I’m definitely thinking about trying to make our way around more playgrounds at weekends (and as it happens as I wrote this post a friend of mine sent me a message asking for details about the Shenley Brook End playground and also about any others I know of).

If you’re a parent or look after children, do you have favourite playgrounds to take them to? Do you look for specific equipment? Jaxon’s favourites for a while were the swings but I think he’s back on the slides being his favourites.

Friday Finds – 15th February

Friday Finds

During the week, I find all sorts of random things that I often mean to share then don’t so this post is all that.

David Tennant’s podcast – okay there is swearing in it so just to warn you all. Jodie Whittaker is his first guest so comparing Doctor Who stories and Broadchurch stories is kind of funny.

Wonder Women – another podcast I found this week. I struggled with the first episode because the volume is too quiet. My headphones were on full blast and I still couldn’t hear it. Hopefully, it’ll be better in the second episode.

Come From Away: Why we need the 9/11 musical – I’ve been practically wearing out the soundtrack. The London production opens this week and I’m really hoping I can go to see it. I’ve written before about how I remember 9/11 but it’s only in the last few years have I learnt how Gander and the surrounding towns came together to save the day. I think I first heard about it on a Billy Connolly documentary when he took part in the Newfoundland Screech In (oh and it’s one of those places that you don’t pronounce it how it’s written so I thought it was New-Found-Land but it’s almost New-Fin-Land).

Totally don’t need *another* planner but do like the look of the Erin Condren On The Go Folio or the Kikki K B6. I love this setup from Cindy LaTruce on her YouTube Channel.

Things I Learnt

Some of these things I might have already known but they are often the things I’ve looked up this week to learn more about them.

Ingenue – so an ingenue is an innocent or naive female.

Chutzpah – extreme self-confidence or audacity – one of those words I’d be able to throw into a conversation one day lol.