#40Acts – Day Three: Period Poverty

Image from the #40Acts daily prompt email
  • Green Option: Spend some time looking into local groups that give free sanitary care to schools.
  • Yellow Option: Go Shopping. And drop off a package in a donation box in your local area.
  • Red Option: Do your bit to educate. Get the word out on social media – even though it’s awkward.

For this one, I took to social media. I regularly donate a packet or two of sanitary pads to the Red Box Project collection box at Rogan’s Books. It was the facts that worry me and make me cross. According to Plan International, 1 in 10 girls can’t afford sanitary products and over 137,700 children have missed school because of period poverty; 40% have used toilet roll as a substitute. On average it costs £13 a month and some households have to weigh it up against heating or food. How in this day and age is period poverty a thing here in the UK?

The Red Box Project are doing a great job about getting sanitary products into schools that girls in need can be given. It’s not just pads or tampons but it’s underwear so that they have spares to change into if needed. (Another thing we probably take for granted and don’t think of)

If you’re in Bedford and you’d like to donate to the project, there is a collection box in Rogan’s Books in Bedford. Sealed in boxes tampons, pads and clean, new underwear are all gratefully received. The Red Box Project aim to reach 10 to 18-year-olds to give you a guide of what’s needed.

A number of people commented on my Facebook post. A male friend commented: “Most guys don’t like to talk about this issue but soon would if their bodies partially fell apart every month. I think the real issue is why a device that consists of only a few simple and cheaply sourced components, which are mechanically assembled, costs people £13 a month when the production would be cheaper than 1.3p/unit. What did poor girls do 100 years ago?” He’s certainly doing his part though, he manages a conference/events location and in the ladies loo there, there is a basket of complimentary sanity products just in case there’s an urgent need – great idea! (There’s a similar idea at our church which is great!)

Another friend commented about promoting reusable products too. I can see where she’s coming from but I think this goes back to that money sum again. If the parents/guardians can’t afford the £13 for the products, do they have to then weigh up food/heating against washing powders etc for products like reusable pads – also is there the education around using the products?

Red Box Project Bedford

#40Acts – Day Two: People Watch

Image from the #40Acts daily prompt email
  • Green Option: Watch for needs. Get rid of usual distractions – the paper, or your phone – for the length of your commute, or for a long stretch of time when you’ll be around others.
  • Yellow Option: At midday and 3pm (or two other times if these don’t work), spend five minutes actively looking for an opportunity to be generous. 
  • Red Option: Put your phone on airplane mode for 1–2 hours (or as long as is practical). When you go to reach for your phone, let that moment be a prompt to think up a generous act for someone.

After House Group, Chris came home with a plan. As a group, we were going to bless one of our house group families. They’ve been having a rough time of it recently and just as they seem to get over one issue, another appears causing them to be back at Square One again. So this almost became our act for today (alhtough technically part one is taking part tomorrow!)

#40Acts – Day One: Pledge

Day One: Pledge

#40Acts - Day One: Pledge
Image from the #40Acts daily prompt email
  • Green Option: Set a reminder for each of the next 40 days to prompt you into that day’s act.
  • Yellow Option: Get an accountability partner who’ll keep you to your word (and your acts).
  • Red Option: Write a post on social media for each day’s act. Alternatively, start a daily diary or blog. Invite others to join in.

I’ve ended up blogging about what I’m up to. I’m going to try and stay on track but I’m not sure I will always have the opportunity to complete the acts. As I work from home, ones that need to do things for my colleagues or something like that might be a challenge. Maybe need to come up with a plan to do those on Knitting Group days or something like that.

Friday Finds – 1st March

Friday Finds

I love all those specific boxes for the different jobs – like the shoe storage and the TV box! So clever! Japanese Moving Company (From Rachel and Jun‘s YouTube Channel)

I love cheesy chick flicks – they are so predictable and unrealistic but I love a good love story. This week Isn’t It Romantic was added to Netflix and it pokes fun at chick flicks a bit like Chris does so I really enjoyed it! Rebel Wilson is perfect for the role and Chris Hemsworth’s saxophone playing at the end made me laugh lol. I love the references to other chick flicks, for example Rebel’s white dress and black hat earlier in the film and then a bit later in the film when one of the characters says “I’ll have what he’s having” which is a nod to this scene in When Harry Met Sally.

I’m sure I have other knitting projects to be finishing up and not casting on another but I am loving this baby blanket (Knitted Baby Blanket in Novita Baby Merino Dream). I figure if I start now by the time another friend announces there pregnant, I’ll be through it enough to give it away maybe. (Also it will probably be knitted in something nice from my stash rather than the one listed). The one above is one that I need to get done and took with me on our adventure today so that I could carry it in my backpack – small projects always travel that bit better!)

One of the projects, I have almost finished is this Baby Kimono Cardigan. I need to add the finishing touches like the buttons and ribbon but I think I will need to take it with me and get proper matching buttons rather than using whatever I have to hand like I might do with one of creations I’ve made for Jaxon.

I’ve found a couple of new channels to follow on YouTube. I’m a fan of Van Life/Tiny House/Schoolie videos and so Wild We Roam is right up my street. I also found Fight for Together too. Spent some time knitting and watching their documentary of hiking the Appalachian Trail – I think I might have shared it last week too but this week I got to watch some more of their videos and love their channel that bit more! I think a schoolie would work better for us as far as the size of it but we’d have nowhere to park it and to get a yellow school bus schoolie we’d have to import it before we could even start on fitting it out. I think I will stick with crazy “bricks and mortar” ideas for now.

Friday Finds – 22nd February

Friday Finds

During the week, I find all sorts of random things that I often mean to share then don’t so this post is all that, so here are my Friday Finds.

How crazy is this adventure! Sounds amazing though! It’s the kind of crazy adventure that Chris would want to do! The Crawford’s Hike the Appalachian Trail. The Appalachian Trail is 2,200 miles long running from Springer Mountain in Georgia (this is the Southern Terminus) to Mount Katahdin in Maine (This is the Northern Terminus). Mount Katahdin is also the start point for the IAT which is the extension of the Appalachian Trail into Canada – as far as Newfoundland. (YAY!)

I discovered this week that Republic of Doyle is filmed in St John’s, Newfoundland. I got excited about this and told my friend at knitting group who had originally told me that I’d probably like it, which then launched into how Gander grew overnight (Operation Yellow Ribbon, Come From Away). Come From Away opened in London this week so there’s lots of new articles popping up about it like this one from BBC News.

This week I guest posted over on Reema’s blog, It’s called Aumsome and you can find my post here. I was writing all about the joy of penpals.

{AD – Gifted} Bedtime stories is one of my favourite times of the day, we get to shut the rest of the world out and have a snuggle. We’ve got a variety of stories – and some nights Chris and /or I are just audience members to Jaxon’s reading skills – he’s getting so good! While at #SBSEvent2019 last week, I crossed paths with Allan who created My Strawberry Monkey, when I said I had Jaxon he offered to send us a copy of one of the My Strawberry Monkey books. It arrived today and hopefully will be read at bedtime! Yay! (Hopefully, I’m using the right disclosure! We were sent the book as a gift and I’m sharing on Social Media to show my gratitude and my love of the book).