Nine Yarn Projects for 2022
22 Goals in 2022

A grid of nine projects to attempt to create in 2022.

Here are the first 9 projects I have planned for 2022, when it comes to knitting and crochet. Knowing me I’ll get tempted by other things along the line so this is bound to change or get postponed.

  1. Rainbow Blanket from The Pigeon’s Nest. I was part of the test “knit” for this one so I have already made one before. I started this one between Christmas and New Year while I debated what to do about a different project I’ve just finished. I’m on the second repeat of the rainbow so churning through it. Just need to stop long enough to sew my ends in as trying to crochet them in as I went was getting messy.

2. Yuletide Crochet Blanket from Attic24. My Christmas present from my Mum and Dad was the yarn pack and pattern for this blanket. I’m excited to get into it but Mum said I had to finish some outstanding projects first (no objections here! I know I need to get it sorted out lol).

3. Special Stripy Blanket – Beach Huts by Hand Knitted Things (I purchased the pattern from Wool Warehouse). I bought this yarn and pattern with a voucher last year and brought the project with me to Copenhagen because I knew I had all the yarn for it and wouldn’t need to get extra (in theory!). It’s been stuffed in a project bag being ignored for a little while.

4. Shawlography by Westknits. Like so many other knitters I started this during the MKAL last year but I got waylaid with other projects and it took got put to one side. I want to pick this up again ASAP and get it finished – there’s a variety of sections to do so it’ll probably end up getting put to one side again after a week or so lol.

5 and 6. Granny Go Round by Iron Lamb. I saw this pattern last year and many a time wanted to start it. I’ve got it on here twice as I’d like to do one for me and then one for one of the boys (probably Rex as Jaxon would more than likely tell me he didn’t like it).

7. Temperature Blanket – this picture is from Wyldflower Crochet (Thanks Search Engine! How pretty is it!) but I’m not set on what pattern I’m going to follow. I did a Temperature Blanket a few years ago and it ended up being massive so I need to do some more planning as to what pattern I follow and what colours I use (maybe Hobbii as I can still access that if we’re back in the UK before I finish). I want to do one for both boys going from their birth to their first birthday.

8. Mystery! I’ve got a plan up my sleeve and I’m hoping it’ll work… I’m hoping to publish my own pattern – that isn’t granny square instructions! I just need to sit down and properly write down my experiment and then make sure it actually works!

9. Socks – I have at least one pair of socks still stashed away that I need to finish. I’ve had it out recently and I’m thinking that I might need to come up with a plan B because I’m not sure I have enough yarn in the particular colourway for two socks. Also, I need to use my Advent Yarn Calendar created by my friend Liz so maybe another pair of socks is on the cards…

What projects are you planning in 2022? Have you got a list of knitting or crochet projects to complete?

Recently Off The Needles: Secret Santa Gift

Two weeks ago, my knitting group were having a Christmas get together. As part of that, we were doing a Secret Santa. I’d been trying to get it finished and kept knitting and knitting and knitting and hoped I’d get there!

I made it in the end – as you can see!

  • Pattern: Yarnspiration Step It Up Knit Shawl (Source)
  • Needles: 3.5mm Addi Lace Circular Needle
  • Yarn: Katia Maldivas (in Mint)

So after 3 or 4 false starts, and trying to use the yarn for a different project. I settled on the Step It Up Knit Shawl from Yarnspirations. I did find it on Ravelry but it is accessible directly through the Yarnspiration website. It is designed for the Caron Cakes which is Aran/10 Ply weight but it worked with this lighter yarn – just took many more rows to get there!

For this one, I used the Katia Maldivas (in the colourway Mint). This is a 60% Cotton, 40% Acrylic mix. So super soft but also cosy too.

I changed needles partway through the project as I have been really struggling with my KnitPro Interchangeables. No matter how tight they are, I find they are working themselves undone really quickly – often leaving me picking up stitches or rescuing them from between the needle and the cable. With help from the lady at Tante Grøn I was able to get the right size in fixed Addi needles. (And ended up going back for a second pair for a different project).

It’s a straightforward pattern and would have grown quicker with the Aran weight yarn but works with the lighter weight (4 ply/Fingering). If you’re a beginner and want something a bit more advanced than a straightforward back and forth scarf but not something too complicated then this is a good one to try. It’s knit stitch all the way through but also includes yarn over and cast off stitches throughout.

You can see other projects I’ve done here.

Do you have any projects currently on your needles or hook?

The Week Just Gone – Week 50

Good morning or good evening I guess. Depending on when you’re reading this. We’re almost at Christmas and things are winding up for the year. I wish you all a very Happy Christmas. Once again we’re having a “different” Christmas, so however you’re celebrating I hope it’s good. So this is the week just gone.

I last did a post like this back in September just before our adventure commenced. We’ve now been in Copenhagen for almost 3 months. This feels really crazy as it’s the longest I’ve ever been away from Bedford.

So what have I been up to? Here’s what I’ve been up to this last week…

  • The week started with a new knitting group. It was one Chris had found on MeetUp but it started really close to the school pickup. With some careful childcare tag-teaming, he was able to collect Rex from me on his way to get Jaxon from school. Everything fell into place at the last minute – which was really handy as it was proving a little challenging to lock up the cargo bike outside the coffee shop.
  • On Tuesday morning, I had a FaceTime call from Mum. She’d had a call and needed some help with an issue but couldn’t fix it herself. She was away from her computer (and of course it was urgent). I paused what I was doing and we worked on her thing. It was lovely to chat to her albeit briefly. It’s still strange not speaking to her everyday in some way or just popping down the road to hang out.
  • Tuesday afternoons are always a bit bananas as I do the school run instead. The “out of hours” club meets in a specific classroom which has a window that looks out onto the path – as I walked past this time, Jaxon spotted me and by the time I’d got round the building to collect him, he was almost ready to go anyway. That makes live easier when Rex is trying to squirm either off my shoudlers or out of my arms. I’m hoping once he can walk he might be a little more co-operative when it comes to the school runs lol. (Watch this space I’ll be chasing him down the road and wishing he was still crawling right?)
  • It was then time for the Weekly Music Quiz. We were close to getting the Mystery Album but then changed our mind on the artist. We really should have stuck with our first guess as that was correct! Oops!
  • Wednesday had a big change of plans and meant that I could take a trip to Tante Grøn knitting shop – it’s not one of our closest but it is one of the friendliest I’ve come across so far so I was pleased to be able to go and support a small business instead of a bigger one.
  • We were able to take the Metro to Norreport then walk for a bit and pop into Doughgirls Doughnuts on our way home. So many small businesses are trying to keep things going at the moment through more COVID restrctions so it’s great to be able to support small businesses when we can right?
  • Both Jaxon and I had our COVID vaccines. I was on my third one and he’s had his first. Here in Denmark the vaccine has been approved for ages 5 to 12 so once he recevied his invite we got him booked in. He was a little nervous about the needle but between us we got through it. There were lovely posters along the walls during the queue with helpful tips like what to talk about to keep their minds off the vaccine. Also about holding their hand or the child sitting on your knee while having their vaccine. Our nurse was so lovely. She had 4 drawings on the wall to show each step, then Jaxon held my hand and we looked the other way while the nurse did her thing. So different from when he was little and had his childhood vaccinations.
  • It was great to spend some time with my family even if it was via video call. My brother ran an excellent internet based quiz again which was good fun. I won – even though I was sure I was doing rubbish lol.

The Week Just Gone:


  • The Psychology of Time Travel by Kate Mascarenhas (I wrote a post about it here)
  • A Surprise Christmas Wedding by Philippa Ashley


  • Chris has been playing PopFM via Alexa for the last few days so we’ve had lots of 80s, 90s and 00s cheesy pop which has been right up my street!
  • I’ve had lots of Christmas songs playing – usually Cliff or Amy like in my Holiday Tag post.
  • A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens – audiobook. I’ve always wanted to read it but some bits are so wordy that it seems to take ages to get going with the story. Dickens is very descriptive when it comes to the ghosts and Scrooge’s room throughout the night. I’m up to the Ghost of Christmas Present – who I always imagined looking like Brian Blessed (Has he ever played the Ghost? He has narrated it in a TV movie version but I don’t think he’s played the Ghost.


I’ve been working on a knitting project so often had YouTube playing while I work my way through a few more rows. There are a couple of channels that I watch as soon as new videos go live.

Kara and Nate: Nate’s Marathon in Greece (here), Kara’s Solo Trip (here)

Yes Theory – so many choices but recently it’s been the paperclip challenge (there are 3 parts this is part 1)

Mum, Rich and I often send different links to Christmas ads around this time of year – so we have Interflora, Coca-Cola Chimney, Tesco and John Lewis. We also quite liked the Silvan one here in Denmark.

Do you have a favourite this year? Next week will include Christmas. What are you up to over the Christmas break?


As usual, just before Christmas, I’ve been juggling getting multiple projects done at once. I’ve been working on a test knit for Natxa – it’s a lovely shawl with lacework. Lace work is one of those things that I want to get better at but to get better at I have to actually do it lol. Sometimes all that counting makes my head hurt! (How pretty does it look in this turqoise yarn?)

I had originally cast on with Katia Maldivas (in Mint) but after having to frog the lot and start again, I changed yarn to this Katia Australis (I think in the colourway – 205 – Green blue-Orange-Yellow-Blue – it doesn’t have a short name!). Both looked lovely so maybe it would be a case of have one colourway for the summer and one for the winter. (The Maldivas is a cotton/acrylic mix and the Australis is Wool/Acrylic).

When I’m not working on that, I’ve been working on another Malt Baby Blanket – the pattern is by Tin Can Knits. I’e made this one before, this time I’m using Merry-Go-Round by Stylecraft (in Pastel Rainbow) held double with Stylecraft Special DK (in white).

Now I’m off to get things done, so that Christmas can come! YEAH!

You can read my other posts in this series here.

The 2021 Holiday Tag

I thought it was time for some fun posts so… here’s The 2021 Holiday Tag post. I read it first on Bee’s blog Mind. Beauty. Simplicity. So let’s go…

What is your favourite holiday movie?

I love Christmas Movies – you know how some channels are set up just to show Christmas films in July – well if I have access I am one of those people who will tune in for those films!

The favourites that I watch every year are It’s A Wonderful Life, The Muppets Christmas Carol,

A Christmas Carol will often pop up in different versions too. I quite like the Patrick Stewart one too. I’ve just looked up when it came out and realised it’s got a really all-star cast. Joel Grey (MC in Cabaret with Liza Minelli) played the Ghost of Christmas Past and Richard E. Grant plays Crachitt amongst many others.

What is the best way to celebrate a Saturday in December?

December in our house can often be very busy. On a ‘normal’ non-Covid Christmas we can spend most weekends bouncing from one carol service to the next. One Christmas we threatened to camp in the church garden because of how little time we’d actually be spending at home between services and events!

I think it would be nice to start the morning with a nice breakfast – not just a bowl of cereal but maybe pastries or pancakes. Then head off to outdoor carols somewhere (We’d often go to Jaffa Orchard or the Gordon Arms with church friends and do carols for an hour or two – in 2019 I was part of a flash mob in town singing carols). Maybe lunch with friends or just our little family.

Then if we’re having a real tree it would be going shopping for that, if not we’d go home, curl up in front of the TV and watch a Christmas movie or try and play a board game while Rex had a nap.

What’s your favourite holiday song?

There are two albums that always play in my Mum’s house and make me feel super Christmassy. With us not being at home for Christmas this year I’ve pretty much had those two on repeat since November 1st. One is Cliff at Christmas by Cliff Richard and the other is Home for Christmas by Amy Grant. Those opening bars of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” on the Amy Grant album always make me think of Mum baking up a storm in the kitchen. She’d have the oven heating up while she cut out a whole row of little circles for mince pies. She’d probably have something else in the background ready to go in the oven too when it was ready. (Oh and if we timed it right there could be sausage rolls too! They are super easy to make but so yummy – might need to write up that recipe if I can!)

What do you typically eat during the Holidays?

Too much probably! That last week leading up to the big day there will usually be mince pies, biscuits or a tub of sweets already on the go. As a kid, Christmas Eve tea was sandwiches and nibbles so Mum didn’t have to do too much ahead of the main event on Christmas Day. She’d have various bowls and dishes lined up in the Utility Room with peeled and prepped veggies and other bits ready to go in the oven or on the hob when the time came.

Lebkuchen or Stollen are often my go-to. I’ve managed to find Stollen in the supermarkets here but haven’t found Lebkuchen – I might have to give up or see if Mum can bring me some in her suitcase when she visits…

This year we’ve been eating Æbleskiver and Brunkager. We cheat with frozen Æbleskiver but you can get a pan and make your own. Æbleskiver translates as Apple Slices – although there are no apples in them! Imagine pancake mix but cooked into small balls (bigger than a golf ball but smaller than a tennis ball), they are so good! They are served here with jam and icing sugar. Brunkager are ginger snap biscuits. This recipe from Louises Mad Blog (Louise’s Food Blog) contain almonds (mandler) and pistachios (pistaciekerner) too but the shop-bought ones we’ve had are just ginger biscuits. They are a favourite along with Pebbenødder (which literally translated is Pepper Nuts), these are also little ginger biscuits. Chris and Jaxon have been eating them with Skyr and strawberry jam/sauce. (Often accompanied with Kammerjunker (these biscuits you normally have with koldskål in the summer but they’ve decided they work all year round lol.

In our family, the making of the Christmas Cake is a family event. Mum makes the cakes and then Grandad does the icing. Previously, Grandma would make the cakes then Grandad would do the icing. Our cake would then either get dropped off or we’d collect it in the run-up to Christmas. This year, it’s become my job as we won’t be local this year. I put it off at first because we were moving apartment but now we’re almost under a week to go to the big day so I really need to get on with it and make it happen. I think tomorrow we’re going to top-up the baking ingredients and then set about getting the cake done.

Which fictional character would you want to spend the holidays with?

I always loved the Vicar of Dibley, I imagine Christmas with Geraldine would be busy but good fun. (I always wanted to be Alice so I could be her best friend lol). I’m not sure this is technically the Christmas episode but it always makes me laugh even though I’d seen it so many times!

Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer?

Well in Twas The Night Before Christmas, Santa’s reindeer are Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen. (Did you know that Donner and Blitzen’s names come from the Dutch for Thunder and Lightning? – the idea is that they travel that as fast as thunder and lightning across the sky. First, it was Dunder and Blixem but over time it’s changed to Donner and Blitzen as we know today). Rudolph wasn’t added to the gang until much later (like 70 or 80 years later)

Where would you like to visit during the holiday season?

I would love to visit New York City and see the Rockefeller tree amongst other places. Courtney has been sharing about her recent trip to NYC and has been including pictures of the tree so I’m enjoying that vicariously for now.

It’s been nice to explore the Christmas markets around the city this year. The first one I went to was at Højbro Plads (just outside Illum). I have briefly been through a couple of others but it was earlier in the day and they hadn’t opened yet so there wasn’t so much to see. At the Højbro Plads one I bought Jaxon a Toffee Apple after we’d seen them on the Markets episode of Bluey. I think like me, he found the idea is better than the reality when it comes to them lol.

Do you like receiving gifts or giving gifts better?

A bit of both. I love to make gifts for people but always get anxious that it’s the wrong colours, yarn or style for the person. I made a Christmas present for a new friend here, it keeps getting moved around the apartment while we wait to see them again but with restrictions etc, church services have gone back online so I probably won’t see them until the new year now so it’ll be late and I’ll worry about it some more lol.
As far as receiving gifts, I always try to appreciate a gift – mostly because someone has taken the time to think of me. It doesn’t need to be big and flashy. The best ones are “I just saw this and thought of you”. My friend N says I’m good at this. We’d been talking about Pear Drop sweets at knitting group one week and I happened to pass Arcadia Sweetshop in Bedford (when Debs and Jan were still running it) so I popped in and got N a bag of pear drops – we sat and worked our way through them during the next knitting group lol. She appreciated it because to her it was just part of the conversation and yet I’d remembered and made an act of it (can you guess that Thoughtful Gifts is one of my primary love languages lol)

What is the best gift you’ve ever received?

The one that came to mind was made by Mum. For our first married Christmas, my Mum had made us a quilt. It’s been packed away for many years because as much as I want to use it, I also don’t want it to get trashed. I’m sure my Mum knew that it might get marked or stained along the way because that’s what comes with use but at the same time I wanted to be able to cherish it. It’s white and cream – maybe with a little pale yellow in there too and it’s beautiful. I know that many hours went into it and lots and lots of love too. Maybe one day I’ll have to get it out and put it on the bed so it can be used instead of just stored for a “rainy” day or special occasion.

Book Review: The Psychology of Time Travel by Kate Mascarenhas

In 2021, I set about challenging myself to read 40 books. Some were shorter quick reads that I read within a day or so, others were longer that took me a week or two to get through. Part of this was also clearing the “Currently Reading” list on my Goodreads profile. (I have the tendency to start too many books and not finish them! The list currently stands at 20 – can I clear it by the end of the year? 15 days – it might be pushing it but I can certainly reduce it!)

I really enjoyed reading The Psychology of Time Travel, I loved that the major of the characters were female and the men in it were almost supporting roles in the outskirts of the story. I did find it a little challenging to keep up with who was who and “when was who” – especially when silver and green selfs were muddling up in different time periods.

I like the idea of the psychological effects of time travel as well as how it affects the mental health of the characters. I regularly watch shows like Doctor Who, Star Trek and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow which all deal with time travel in their own way but nearly all have the idea that if you cross your own timeline you can cause a paradox – whereas Mascarenhas has “silver” and “green” selfs mixing together causing no issues along the way – or maybe that adds to the mind-boggling experience too. Although the story starts with a group of women building a time machine in the 1960s it bounces through various different time zones, with a multitude of perspectives along the way. A large part of the story is the mysterious dead body found in 2017. How do you catch a killer that could be from anywhere or anytime? It’s not easy, that’s for sure, especially when the victim can’t be identified either. No papers or identification…

Like an Agatha Christie novel, the killer could be anyone, your future self may know that you did it but your present self wouldn’t have a clue – or maybe your future self went back to do something in the past that had consequences in the future. (Yes you might need a lie down after some reading sessions! At one point I sat down and drew a chart of who was related to who and how because I was a bit muddled – it was like a family tree of sorts!) I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to see if Kate Mascarenhas publishes any more books.

Also, I think if I had seen the cover on the shelf in a bookshop I think the embroidery would have caught my eye. Maybe that’s a theme of books to read – how many have embroidery themed illustrations on their covers?

Have you got a reading book on the go? Do you track/record what you’ve been reading?