Book Review: The Psychology of Time Travel by Kate Mascarenhas

In 2021, I set about challenging myself to read 40 books. Some were shorter quick reads that I read within a day or so, others were longer that took me a week or two to get through. Part of this was also clearing the “Currently Reading” list on my Goodreads profile. (I have the tendency to start too many books and not finish them! The list currently stands at 20 – can I clear it by the end of the year? 15 days – it might be pushing it but I can certainly reduce it!)

I really enjoyed reading The Psychology of Time Travel, I loved that the major of the characters were female and the men in it were almost supporting roles in the outskirts of the story. I did find it a little challenging to keep up with who was who and “when was who” – especially when silver and green selfs were muddling up in different time periods.

I like the idea of the psychological effects of time travel as well as how it affects the mental health of the characters. I regularly watch shows like Doctor Who, Star Trek and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow which all deal with time travel in their own way but nearly all have the idea that if you cross your own timeline you can cause a paradox – whereas Mascarenhas has “silver” and “green” selfs mixing together causing no issues along the way – or maybe that adds to the mind-boggling experience too. Although the story starts with a group of women building a time machine in the 1960s it bounces through various different time zones, with a multitude of perspectives along the way. A large part of the story is the mysterious dead body found in 2017. How do you catch a killer that could be from anywhere or anytime? It’s not easy, that’s for sure, especially when the victim can’t be identified either. No papers or identification…

Like an Agatha Christie novel, the killer could be anyone, your future self may know that you did it but your present self wouldn’t have a clue – or maybe your future self went back to do something in the past that had consequences in the future. (Yes you might need a lie down after some reading sessions! At one point I sat down and drew a chart of who was related to who and how because I was a bit muddled – it was like a family tree of sorts!) I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to see if Kate Mascarenhas publishes any more books.

Also, I think if I had seen the cover on the shelf in a bookshop I think the embroidery would have caught my eye. Maybe that’s a theme of books to read – how many have embroidery themed illustrations on their covers?

Have you got a reading book on the go? Do you track/record what you’ve been reading?

The Copenhagen Companion – A Snowy First Attempt (Walk 1)

Rex and I went for a wander around near Norreport a few weeks ago and I found a copy of The Copenhagen Companion by Astrid (@thecompanionsdk on Instagram) and I’d got this idea – we’d follow the walks in the book to explore the city a bit more (Rather than just the normal routes we take each week).

The Copenhagen Companion book by Astrid Heise-Fjeldgren. Doodles and Designs by Alette Bertelsen.

I don’t know about you but sometimes I like to explore by just seeing what’s at the end of the road or what happens if I turn right instead of going straight on. But sometimes I like a route. I like to learn about the buildings on my route. Like when was it built and why does that building have *that* feature.

I think I had come across The Copenhagen Companion book before but hadn’t purchased it. When I saw it in the second-hand bookshop, I decided to purchase it. It was 20-30DKK so around £2ish. I flicked through the pages and wondered about using it for journaling prompts.

I’ve had a change in my “work-life” and have had a bit of a wobble in the last week or so trying to know what to do next, so coming back to my blog and working on it more seems like a good idea.

I grabbed the book from the shelf where it had been abandoned when we moved apartment and looked up the route. How easy is it to get from our apartment to Knippelsbro where the route starts? (Easy, short walk, get on the metro, get off the metro, short walk and you’re there! Sorted!). The goal was to follow the whole route right “to the water” as in the book but I guess we’d see how far I could walk (and how Rex coped with being in the buggy that long!)

We set off from the apartment and headed for the Metro Station at Nørrebro. It’s our nearest metro station and yet I’ve not used it in a while. Chris thought it was funny that I couldn’t find the Metro entrance but then when I explained why I couldn’t find it, he understood that maybe it wasn’t so easy to follow. From the direction we approach the station, you can see the S-Tog station but not the Metro. You have to walk to the other side of the building and it’s further along the side road. (If that makes sense!).

We got on the Metro and headed for Kongens Nytorv. The Metro first went through a number of stops including Skjolds Plads which was our “local” Metro station during our first trip to Copenhagen in Summer 2019.

At Kongens Nytorv, we headed outside. I spotted a poster on the display outside Det Kongelige Teater for the Nøddeknækkeren (The Nutcracker). Mum and I have talked about going to see The Nutcracker for a number of years but so far something has always got in the way (looking at the dates for this, when she’s in Copenhagen, The Nutcracker Company are off on tour around Denmark. Aarhus is a bit far for an evening field trip right?).

I’m sure at night the lights look even better. I love how classy the Christmas lights on both Magasin du Nord and Illum look. They are all one colour and just simple but pretty all at the same time – does that make sense? Chris told me I should have used his picture in my blog post, so here we go…. Magasin du Nord at night…

As we stood outside the theatre and I took pictures, the Knippelsbro Bridge was open. Having been off to learn more, Knippelsbro bridge is a bascule bridge which is the same as the bottom/road bit of Tower Bridge in London. (So as you can see the road splits in two and is raised upright from a hinge point either side of the river. I sent the photo to my Dad as I knew he’d appreciate it (when he visits we might have to go for a visit and hope for it to be open). I love that one of the control towers has lots of twinkly lights on it too.

I’m pretty sure at this point I didn’t take the most direct route to cross the bridge. From this direction, I could have walked alongside the O2 route under the Knippelsbro bridge but I wanted to go across the bridge. So I had to walk along the river a little way to the next bridge then walk back to the road entrance of Knippelsbro – it was a little faffy and there might have been a quicker way if I hadn’t had the buggy with me.

Google Maps has this way of sending along routes with stairs! We went for a bike ride around Utterslev Mose and the directions through Bisperberg Kirkegaard involved a set of about 4-5 steps which would have been manageable with the buggy but the cargo bike is too heavy for me to do by myself. Having said that when we all went for a bike ride and had to do the steps up from a subway, Chris and I both pushed the cargo bike up the bike ramp with Rex inside the cargo bike.

Once I crossed Knippelsbro, I was in Christianhavn. The first stop was Lagkagehuset. Normally I try to go independent for pastries or bakery goodies as Lagkagehuset is a little pricey but this one is the original one where it started so I figured I could make an exception this time right? Once I’d purchased our Kangelsnegl (Cinnamon Snail/Swirl), we could continue our adventure. (Yes Lagkagehuset is known by Ole & Steen in the UK, try the Cinnamon Social Slice (Stænger) – yum yum!)

From all the photos and video I’d been taking I realised at this point that my phone was running out of battery, so at first, I headed for Normal to see if they had any power banks for sale, I could get a lead but no power bank. So next up was to head to Tiger but this was further along the route. I thought that was okay, if I jumped on the Metro at Christianhavn it’s just one stop to Amagerbro. I decided this was a shame as I’d miss part of the walk being underground so maybe I could just jump on a bus.

I jumped on the 2A thinking it was going the right way but actually it turns along Prinsessagde and goes right through Christiania (towards Operaen). So not only was I running out of battery, I was off the route too. But it wasn’t hard, back along Prinsessgade to Torvegade and follow it right until I could see the turn for Amager Centret shopping centre.

Once I’d got the power bank I checked to see what was the best route to carry on, then I remembered that Chris had suggested a craft class near our apartment so I checked what time that was on then saw on my calendar that I was due to be back for a meeting at 3 pm! OH NO! Combined with the fact it was past lunchtime and Rex was definitely not going to cope as he hadn’t napped properly in the morning I decided it would be better to turn back towards home – which was a real shame as I had hoped it get further with the route. I’m definitely going to try again, I think on my next attempt I will take the Metro straight to Christianhavn or Amagerbro and start from there (or nearby) rather than starting from this side of Knippelsbro again.

I’ll be sure to update you all when I take my second attempt.

Copies of The Copenhagen Companion are available from Saxo (within Denmark) or The Green Copenhagen Companion here. (Psst! If you’re in the UK and would like a copy, get in touch and I’ll see if I can assist – I tried that well known website but it’s not on there lol).

Hello December (My December Goals)
Monthly Goals

After the success of my goals in November, I thought I’d carry on by sharing my December goals. I wrote the goals down in my bullet journal but they didn’t make it to a blog post until now. I have a plan going forward and hopefully will have my goals scheduled by the 3rd or 4th of the month so that I can start working on them.

The Goals

These are my goals for December. With Jaxon finishing for Christmas, I think I’m going to be limited as to when they can get completed but some will work with him accompanying me or doing something else at the same time.

Goal 1: Complete Walk 1 from The Copenhagen Companion.

This one is on the list and it might happen with Jaxon in tow but I think it would be better to try without him. I think he’d enjoy some of it once we got going but would probably complain a lot too. I think I’ll either try and get it done before he breaks up from school or get Chris involved. I just need to remember to pack all the snacks for Rex so we don’t have a repeat of attempt number 1 (you can read about that here).

Otherwise, I’ll hold off and maybe Dad and I can do it when he and Mum hopefully visit at the end of the month. (I’ll have to chat to Astrid and see if I’m allowed to share a copy of the map or if I can do a Google Maps version or something to share. In the meantime, you can follow her on Instagram here)

Goal 2: 365 Move Goals (357 so far – 8 days to go)

The great thing about this goal is that it fits in with other goals too. By completing the walk above I should tick another day off for this one. Even if I just walk around the apartment or down to the post boxes, this will help towards each day’s move goal.

Goal 3: Finish Secret Santa Gift (Deadline 12th – ideally earlier)

Trying to finish a handmade gift for my Secret Santa – we’ll see if it gets finished in time or if I’m scrambling to sort out something else.

Goal 4: Finish Baby Blanket

I’m hoping to get this one finished so that I can send it back to the UK with my parents at the beginning of January. I can post it from Denmark but international postage is kind of pricey. I sent a normal A5 letter back to the UK and it was 33kr (that’s about £3-4). Definitely makes first-class in the UK seem cheap! It’s a relatively easy pattern – it’s just whether I can get hold of any additional yarn I need before Christmas. I’m not sure I have enough although I thought it would be enough.

Goal 5: Ride 75km by bike

Although I absolutely smashed the target last month, I know that this month it would be harder. Between Christmas holidays and work that I won’t have as much time to go out cycling. For this month, it’s staying at 75km and I’ll up it next month maybe.

You can find previous goals here.

November Goals – The Finish Line
Monthly Goals

At the beginning of last month, I shared my November Goals. It’s now the beginning of December and time to share where I got up to.

Goal 1: November Challenge

Each month my Apple Watch tells me the challenge for the month – sometimes it’s really easy and I can get through it quickly and other times it’s that bit harder. This month’s goal is to close the Exercise Ring 13 times. As I’m cycling a lot each week, it shouldn’t be too hard to complete but I guess we will see. I will also be trying to close all 3 circles as well. (If you’re not sure about the circles there are videos on YouTube, this one from Cult of Mac is interesting).

I DID IT! My exercise goal is set at 410 kcal so that’s probably not that much and could do with being a little higher maybe. But even then completing it 13 times still feels like a win!

Goal 2: NaNoWriMo

Let’s do this thing! Back in 2017, Chris and I had a whole discussion about me writing a book. We were talking about goals and things we wanted to achieve and writing a book was something I said. It was a little crazy and I’m still not sure it’s that sane! But I’m taking part in NaNoWriMo again, bringing a previous draft with me in the hope that I can actually hit that word count this year. I guess we’ll see if I actually make it. I’m sure the writing group I’ve been attending will be checking in on me to make sure I’m still going!

This one didn’t happen. I think if you’re trying to do it around taking care of your kids you need to be disciplined and make sure you write as much as you can once they are in bed or something like that. I’m not deterred thought I think I will get some more planning time in between now and next November and properly work on my book. It might never see the light of day but it’ll be there on my hard drive lol.

Goal 3: Ride 75km in November

I wrote this one down as 70km, then looked at the tracking on my watch/phone and realised that in October (25 days of being in Copenhagen), I’d already hit 68.17km. So as long as I tracked it all adding another 7km shouldn’t be too hard.

Well, I did it! So my goal was 75km but when I did my Check-In post I realised that I was already on 60km and it was the 19th. I did a rough calculation in my head between the trips I expected to do and was going to smash that 75km and reach maybe even 100km. When I checked on the 30th November, I was at 112.96km and considered just getting the bike out to do a lap of the block or something like that so I could get that little bit more to hit 113 instead. It definitely helped that we went for a bike ride as a family which was just under 13km before I then did another 10km bike ride into the centre and back!

Goal 4: Finished Shawlography MKAL

Like so many other people, I cast on the MKAL from West Knits but haven’t always been speedy enough to get through a Clue per week. I’m currently still on Clue 2 but there are more straightforward knit/purl short rows to come so hopefully I can get through those bits before I slow down again for my first attempt at Brioche. (to me Brioche is yummy French bread not knitting lol).

This got put on pause. Between moving apartment and also

Goal 5: Reduce my Currently Reading

My currently reading list on Goodreads keeps growing even though I’ve either finished or completely stopped reading some of the books. Now some of them are physical books and are back in the UK, but the ones that I can clear I will try to and hopefully, that will reduce the list. It’s currently at 22 and that’s even with me reading some that I really won’t go back to.

This is the list as it stands (where I know it’s definitely a physical book that I don’t have access to I will put it in Italics with an * at the beginning. (You will notice a theme… I read lots, but mostly light stuff that I can pick up around the boys or at bedtime. I am about to start also reading Podcast with Impact by Anna Parker-Naples which is more of a work thing but still very interesting).

The list hasn’t shrunk – if anything it’s grown oops! But it’s okay there’s still time – I’ll try and knock one maybe two of them off by the end of the month.

Completed in November

  • Real Men Knit by Kwana Jackson
  • The Cosy Teashop in the Castle by Caroline Roberts

Also finished in November but not on this list

  • The Boat House Pretty Beach by Polly Babbington
  • Summer Weddings at Pretty Beach by Polly Babbington
  • Winter at Pretty Beach by Polly Babbington
  • Snow Falls Over Sunnybrook by Rosie Green
  • Welcome to Seabury by Beth Rain

Deleted from the List

Physical Book

  • *The Highland Falcon Thief by M. G. Leonard
  • *The Austen Girls by Lucy Worsley
  • *Ordinary Mum, Extraordinary Mission
  • *From Blah to Awe by Jenna Lucado-Bishop (I started this *years* ago and for some reason still not finished it)

Currently Reading (According to Goodreads)

  • Falling for Your Best Friend’s Girl – Emma St. Clair
  • Perfectly Unique by Annie F. Downs
  • My Christmas Number One by Leonie Mack
  • The Summer of Magic Moments by Caroline Roberts
  • Women Rise up by Katey Zeh
  • Runaway Sumer by Ruth Saberton
  • Escape for the Summer by Ruth Saberton
  • Looking for Lucy by Julie Houston (I’m sure I have already finished this one but Goodreads say it’s still in progress…)
  • The One Saving Grace by Julie Houston (Same with this one)
  • No Cure for Love by Jean Fullerton
  • Sleigh Ride
  • An Event to Remember or Forget
  • Happiness for Humans by P. Z. Reizin
  • Lost in a Good Book by Jasper Fforde
  • Two Nights by Kathy Reichs
  • Angelopolis by Danielle Trussoni

So having finished those 7 books this month, I’m now on 39 out of 40 when it comes to my Goodreads Challenge Goal for 2021. That’s an easy one to complete I think.

Did you set any goals for November? How did it go? Come back for my December goals which should be live later this week.

Chocolate Orange Cover – Christmas Pudding

Maybe you saw yesterday’s knit and decided it wasn’t for you – but how about a Christmas Pudding instead?

Christmas Pudding


  • Brown, Green and Red DK Yarn (I like Stylecraft Special DK in Brown (Mocha or Walnut), Green (Bottle or Green) and Red (Lipstick)
  • 4mm Knitting Needles
  • Needle (for sewing in ends)
Knitted Christmas Pudding

Pattern – Christmas Pudding

Using Brown:

  • Cast on 43 sts
  • Row 1: S1 *k1, p1, repeat from * to the last 2 sts, k2
  • Row 2: S1, *p1, k1, repeat from * to the end
  • Rows 3 to 12: Repeat last 2 rows 5 times more.

Change to White

  • Rows 13 to 18: Knit 6 rows.
  • Row 19: S1, knit to end.
  • Row 20: S1, purl to last st, K1
  • Row 21 and 24: repeat last 2 rows twice.
  • Row 25: *k2tog, repeat from * to last st, K1.
  • Row 26: p2tog to end
  • Cut yarn. Leave a tail long enough to pass through the remaining stitches. Once you’ve sewn the tail through the stitches, remove the needle and pull tight. Use the remainder of the tail to sew up the edges to create a Pull it tight, fold in half so, leaving a tail long enough to

Pattern – Holly (Makes 2 leaves joined together)

Using green

  • Cast on 1 sts
  • Row 1: Knit
  • Row 2: Knit 3 times into the same stitch (3 sts)
  • Row 3: kfb, k1, kfb (5 sts)
  • Row 4: Cast off 1 stitch, k3 (4 sts)
  • Row 5: Cast off 1 stitch, k2 (3 sts)
  • Row 6: kfb, k1, kfb (5 sts)
  • Row 7: Cast off 1 stitch, k3 (4 sts)
  • Row 8: Cast off 1 stitch, k3 (3 sts)
  • Row 9: s1, k2tog, psso (1 sts)
  • Row 10: k3 into same stitch (3 sts)
  • Row 11: kfb, k1 kfb (5 sts)
  • Row 12: Cast off 1 stitch, k3 (4 sts)
  • Row 13: Cast off 1 stitch, k2 (3 sts)
  • Row 14: kfb, k1, kfb (5 sts)
  • Row 15: Cast off 1 stitch, k3 (4 sts)
  • Row 16: Cast off 1 stitch, k2 (3 sts)
  • Row 17: s1, k2tog, psso (1 sts)
  • Fasten off.

Pattern – Berry

Using red:

  • Cast on 3 stitches
  • Row 1: kfb in every stitch (6 sts)
  • Row 2: Purl
  • Row 3: Knit
  • Row 4: p2tog in each stitch (6 sts)
  • Cast off
  • Tie cast on and cast off tails together (This pulls the berry together into almost a circle)
  • Sew leaves and berry on to the top.